One Last Post for August

Tonight I spent some time listening to the AM radio and seeing what stations I could receive. It has been many years since I have done that and it was pretty cool.  The good thing about doing it in recent years is that most stations have web sites where you can hear the audio so you can verify what station you are hearing without having to wait until the top or bottom of the hour for the station identification. That gets a little old after a while if they only ID at the top and bottom of the hour.  Since I have all of my ham radio gear taken down, this gives me an opportunity to do some DX work using nothing more than an AM radio. It is still fun to this day.

I still heard the regulars like WLS, WWL, WOAI, KRLD, KFAB, WHO, WSM, KMOX but I heard a rare station called KATZ from St. Louis, Missouri and they are only broadcasting 3,500 watts. That is very unusual and made it worth it.  I also picked up KKOW from Pittsburgh, Kansas.


Home FM


A few days ago I posted about and their ability to put together a chart where it shows all of the TV stations and their proximity and distance from you based on your address.  I just discovered that it also does this for FM radio.  I just created this image on their site that shows the FM radio stations in the Oklahoma City area.  I live on the far East side of the city so I expected most of the stations to be in one general direction so I was surprised to see by this graphic that I have stations in all directions from me.

It shows the close ones in green while they turn pink, orange and so on as the stations get farther from me.  I love that you can do this and also love that it allows you to save the image for future reference.  You just input your address and how tall your receiving antenna is and it makes calculated measurements on the distance, signal strength and direction from my particular location.  This is very cool and I would recommend people giving it a try.

With satellite and cable bills getting out of control, antenna TV is looking better all the time.  With digital TV now in existence, most stations have sub-channels with more programming. Even here in Oklahoma City, we have more than 40 channels right off the antenna. There are just as many FM stations coming in from all around us. Now that the FCC has allowed all these low powered FM (LPFM) stations, the entire FM band is filled with stations. I have to really search to find an empty place on the FM dial where I live.   Oklahoma City metro area only has 1.3 million people so I am surprised to have this many stations.  When I was a kid, there were about 15 FM and about 8 AM stations and only 4 TV stations. You should go to this web site, enter your address and then save the image for your records.

I would imagine that every few months, you would need to create another one simply because these low power stations as well as the sub-channels on TV change so frequently. Every time I think I know all the stations, I come back after a couple of months and many have changed.  As a ham radio operator and someone that loves radio on virtually every form, I really think this is cool and worth taking advantage.

Baofeng UV-5RB Died

Wow!  I should not be surprised that my $40.00 ham radio handie talkie didn’t last long but I am a little irritated.  I noticed two days ago that my radio had no audio whatsoever.  Even the voice that speaks when you change modes or frequencies does not play.  I tried connecting headphones and still had no audio. I am not sure what has failed in the radio but it is very consistent and I’ve had no luck getting the sound back.

With paying one tenth of the price that I spent on my Kenwood handie talkie, many would say that I got what I paid for. They may ask “What did I expect for that price?”  Well, I expect more than a couple months of service. Let’s be honest though, while compared to the Kenwood it seems overly cheap in price,  you have to admit that the Kenwood is equally over priced.  They should have slapped an Apple logo on it for the price they were asking for the Kenwood.  Everyone knows that Apple way, way, way over charges for their products.  When it comes to ham radio gear, that is magnified on virtually every brand.  There is actually an HF rig made by Icom that cost $18,000. Seriously, the radio does nothing more than transmit and receive on HF frequencies, yet you could by a car for the price they are asking for it.

Even if I was wealthy, I could not in good conscience spend that much money on a radio. While I am not an activist, to me it seems like frivolous wasteful spending when you look at the problems in the world.   We have people starving, yet Icom actually thinks that an HF transceiver is worth $18,000.00.  It is embarassing to say the least.

Anyway, back on topic… The Baofeng radio has died an early, toddler death.  It didn’t even make it to kindergarten.   It is just one more thing to make this summer a little frustrated. Since we have been trying to sell the house, I took down all of my antennas so I cannot get on the air at all except on the handie talkie.  I sure hope that I can sell soon so we can go back to living a normal life again.

Lack of Rain Has Bigger Impact

Here we are ending August on an extreme drought AGAIN!.  We are once again not getting any rain for extended periods of time and so my lawn is really paying the price.  Ordinarily I would not care if the lawn is looking perfect but since we are trying to sell our home, the lawn needs to look extra special.  My front lawn is very large and is a significant curb appeal to the house.  I have been watering the lawn almost around the clock for weeks, just trying to keep the lawn looking presentable.  We are on a water well and have hard water so we use a water softener.  For some reason, our water sprinkler also goes through the water softener and since I am watering so much, the water softener can’t keep up.  I’ve been using 80 pounds of salt in our water softener a week.  Even at that high rate, it is not enough. About five days ago, I put 80 pounds in there and as we speak, it is almost completely empty.

My weight loss that I have been successful at last year was based on not only eating right but also drinking massive amounts of water.  I have been drinking about a gallon and a half of water a day.  This drought has caused me to have to water 24 hours a day, exhausting the water softener.  The result is that the water is undrinkable, at least to me.  As soon as I drink some water, I have dry mouth and a bad taste.  What results is that I have stopped drinking as much water.  I have been only drinking when we leave the house.  So now, not only has my eating right suffered, but I am not getting enough water either.

We really really really need some rain.  Tomorrow is the first of September and we’ve only had sprinkles since July with no relief in sight.  I am concerned that if the lawn does not look presentable that the house may not be able to sell.  We need God’s help in getting us some rain because the drought seems worse than ever right now.  To add to this, we are hotter right now than we were in June or July making the rain problem even worse.  It just seems that we are in a never ending drought.  We seem to go about a month of good rain, fooling us into believing that everything is good and then suddenly the rain stops for a month or so.  Then we are once again struggling.  The farmers cannot seem to be able to grow a crop of anything because of this drought.  I just hope that we can break this drought sometime soon.

Zune 80 GB mp3 Players Gets New Life

Zune 80 GB mp3 player 8/30/2014


I had given up on saving this mp3 player over the last month when I could no longer communicate with it via the computer.  I bought this mp3 player seven years ago in 2007 when I bought it at the Best Buy store in Midwest City, Oklahoma.  This mp3 player has a huge 80 gigabyte (GB) storage capacity. When I bought this, I had a choice between this one and an 80 GB iPod and I opted for the Zune because it had a radio included when the iPod did not.  About a month ago, I was struggling to add new songs to this device so I decided to wipe it and set it back to the factory settings with no data on it.

Once I did this, the first time I went to sync it with the Zune software, it immediately told me that it needed a firmware update so I followed the directions and it had an error. The error kept saying that the device did not have enough space on it to install the update. First of all, I just wiped it clean so there should have been no data at all.  Secondly, even before I wiped it, I still had 60 GB of space left.  I reset it at least a dozen times with no luck.

With the device stuck in this mode, I could not even power it off.  I was forced to just let the battery run down and give up on it.  I had already accepted that it was lost and even though it was sad to lose, I did get seven years out of it.  Today, I went to this site on the Microsoft page and followed the directions and it worked.  The difference this time was that this page told me to reboot and then immediately wipe before letting it reboot.  All the pages that I had gone to before told me to reboot and then let it finish before wiping the device.  It is hard to believe that it was that easy to fix.  I guess that I should have gone to the source and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Now I am sync’ing the data back to it as we speak. When you have more than 20 GB of data, it takes a while so I will just let it go over night and hopefully in the morning, it will be back in working order.  I am very happy.

TV Fool

TV Fool Map


As one that really enjoys following DX whether it be AM, FM, Shortwave or even TV, this new web site called TV Fool is really cool.  In the above image, I have input my address and this site shows a chart with all of the TV stations that are within my viewing area and the direction they are from me. This makes pointing an antenna easier saving time.  This site tells the actual and virtual channels of the stations as well as the signal, distance and azimuth settings. It even allows for me to input the height of the antenna that I am using.  This is one site you need to bookmark if you are into DX.


This morning, I was playing around with the TV in an attempt to scan for distant TV stations during an opening caused by an inversion.  I found that Oklahoma City’s KOCB, channel 34 now has a sub channel 2 that carries a new station called getTV.  This station carries some old classic movies similar to Turner Classic Movies (TCM) but can be received right off the antenna.  This is very cool and has some pretty good programming.

This morning I watched a few shows on there and was very impressed with the quality.  It seems that we have more than 40 TV stations right here in Oklahoma City, if you now include the sub-channels.  It is great to be able to have all these choices right off the antenna so that we are not required to pay for TV service.  While I am a Dish Network customer, I am very pleased with the choices over the air that we have.

Tropospheric Ducting

Tropospheric ducting 8/9/20104


Wow!  Last night would have been a great time to have my ham radio gear and my old tower. How I miss my tower.  When we moved out of Del City, I had to sell my 70 foot tower.  This image shows the signals picked up on the VHF portion of the band last night.  As you can see, there are stations hundreds of miles away from Oklahoma City that were coming in. This is made possible by a temperature inversion where the air is warmer a few thousand feet above the ground than it is on the ground.  Yesterday was a perfect time for this because we had the hot and humid day followed by a warm night.  When these conditions arise,  you can receive FM radio stations from hundreds of miles away.  I use to love to tune across the dial and pick up these stations when I was  young.  My dad had an awesome huge antenna back then that could receive them making it even better. Now I don’t have my equipment but I can still pick them up in the car radio.

Thanks to a Broadcast Engineer friend of mine for sending this URL…

This site was put together to map real time APRS signals received and where they were received.  I will go into what APRS is on another post.  I am expecting company in the next hour so I have to cut this post short.  It is a ham radio tool that is involves computer packet transmissions.  We’ve had a lot of these “tropo” ducting instances lately so if you are in the Oklahoma area around sunset or a bit after, turn on your FM radio and listen across each frequency. If you hear stations you’ve not heard before, keep listening because FCC rules require that they give their station ID at the top and bottom of every hour. You can find out where these stations are coming from.  You will love it.

Yes! I’m Still Here

This has been a strange month if you ask me, at least in my head. I’ve really not felt like posting on here.  I’ve not been too busy but just haven’t felt like posting. This month, both my wife and I joined the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  We thought it was time to represent the ham radio community since it had done so much for us.  I’ve been off the air for quite some time because my radio, Kenwood TS-2000, had quit working many months ago.  It would transmit but no audio would go through.  A few weeks ago I decided to send it back for repair.  It has not returned yet but I have received an email from them estimating the cost for repair and a request to know if I wanted to go ahead and repair it.  I told them to go ahead and fix it.

I have also decided that I am going to get another ham radio tower. It may take some months to save up for it but I really miss having a tower.  I’ve not had one for four years, almost five.  I’ve been trying to get active in ham radio again after being off the air for several years.  Part of what got me motivated was knowing that my brother is studying to get his license.  I will be so excited when he gets his license.  That will be four people in the family that are licensed.  The annual ham radio convention named Ham Holiday was this weekend in Oklahoma City.  I did not make this year because we had other things going on.

The lawn has been a lot of work this summer and getting some rain has really been a blessing.  Yesterday, July 26th was the first 100 degree day for the year.  It has been nice not being as hot as it has been in recent years.  I really hope the moisture and cooler weather continue for many months to come.  There is not much more going on that is newsworthy but I wanted to go ahead and post something before August moved in. :)

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