HF Privilages on Technician License

I’ve been out of the loop for a while when it comes to ham radio so I was surprised when I ran across this link on the ARRL web site that showed that a Technician Class Amateur Radio license now had HF privileges on 10 meters.  This may be a good thing to get some people going that would ordinarily stay on CB.  As we know, when 10 meters is open, an operator can communicate great distances.  Not only that, my wife has a Technician license and now she too can get on HF.  Of course we have a lot to do before we can set up our antennas again but it was some newsworthy information to me.

I really miss being on the air and I hope to be back on soon.

first Lawn Mowing

well we beat out last year by a month. Today was the first time I mowed our lawn. It is really turning green this month. A couple weeks ago we had snow on the ground.  Today it was in the mid 70’s and the trees are blooming. I love this time of year. May is usually my favorite month of the year. This year the Spring is moving along faster than last year. Of course last year we had a late freeze in April that put all the plants behind schedule. I did manage to get a sun burn today.

This has been extraordinarily slow storm season. To date, there has not been a single severe watch or warning this year. This is highly unusual. From what I heard, the last time it was this late was 2013 when we had two F-5 tornadoes in the Oklahoma City metro area within two weeks of eac other. A late start to storm season is no indication of a lower or higher than normal storm season.  I guess we wil see.

I better get this posted since it is getting late.

Journalism and Race

It really gets old when an isolated incident happens related to race and journalists cover it nation wide.    It is like they purposely want to get everyone stirred up to the point where people are angry all the time.  Journalism has become a tool of Communist agitation where they latch onto every thing they think will get everyone riled up over and over cover it.

These people at OU were a small group that were insignificant in the world and certainly not worth the over coverage they are getting.  Add to this, David Boren, aka “I never met a tax I didn’t like, shows how disingenuous he is with the over kill on the speeches. I am not saying that he agrees or doesn’t agree with them but he seems to be going so far to make everyone think he disagrees with them.  I just get so tired of the never ending race battles.

People can never achieve racial harmony as long as there are journalists around that constantly over play stories to a point where people are angry all the time.  Instead of just dealing with the bad guys when they pop their heads, the journalists try to keep everyone stirred up with never ending coverage.

I’ve decided long ago to never listen to any journalist when it comes to social issues. The moment they start spewing their leftist social agenda, I turn them off.  They are Communist agitators that have no intention of fixing anything but rather just want to get the public at large to rise up in rage over anything and everything that comes along.

The Break Didn’t Hold

As much as I wanted to take a break from Facebook, I suffered from two issues. The first one being that I had no self control :).  The second being that my family prefers the Facebook Messenger to SMS, or any other messaging platform.  This has been a very busy week both at work and at home.  This weekend, our under the counter microwave died on us. We can’t afford to replace it at the moment but we went ahead and removed it as you can see in the photo below.

Microwave died 2/21/2015

Last night as my wife was coming home from work, she hit a pot hole on the I-240 Service Road between Eastern and Bryant and blew her tire out as well as damaged the rim.
I drove over there to help her change the tire and put on the donut wheel but by the time I got there someone else had pulled over and helped her change it as you can see in the picture below.  For the record, she knows how and is very capable of changing the tire by herself.

God is very good to us by having nice people around like that to help when we were in a bad place.  The guy that helped out had all the tools already with him and he had just changed his own tire when he hit the same pot hole.  When I finally got home around midnight last night, there was an Oklahoma City Police helicopter flying around our neighborhood.
Just as I was getting my phone out to take a picture of it flying over head, they shined their spotlight right in my face as you can see in the next photo.


Oddly enough, I was under the impression that when we moved out to this nice neighborhood that the police would not be flying over our house anymore. At our old house, we saw the helicopter all the time. Obviously they were looking for someone in the neighborhood.  They circled the two truck stops about five times and then left.  I hope they catch the bad guy :).  Anyway, it was tough to wind down for bed last night but I finally managed to do so.

Once I did get to sleep, I dreamed that my ham radio tower fell and bent in half.  That was the most terrifying dream even though I do not have a tower at the moment :).  The funny thing is that I dreamed that I disconnected the guy wire and leaned the tower up against another one beside it thinking that I’ll be right back when I get a tool. Then I looked up to see a huge crow pulling on the antenna and knocked it down.  It is funny how dreams are so bizarre.  To someone else, that may seem like no big deal but losing the tower was the most stressful event of all :).

Today or tonight we are expecting some snow or sleet and I am cautiously optimistic that it will happen.  I just love weather and enjoy every minute that the sun is not shining and 100+ degrees.  I am very excited that storm season is only a couple months away.  Don’t interpret my enthusiasm for storms as a desire to see anyone get hurt or see their property destroyed.  I’ve always been fascinated with storms since I was about five years old.  That is about how old I was the first time I can remember the tornado siren coming on in the middle of the night.  It was great then and still excites me.

Taking a Break From Facebook

Last night, February 12, 2015, I deactivated my Facebook account because I’ve reached the end of my rope with them shoving these offensive trending topics in my face.  Honestly, I am convinced these are not trending topics at all but rather topics that they believe will cause as much controversy as possible.  I am sick of the media, news, movies and now Facebook shoving homosexuality in my face.  It is offensive, vial and disgusting.  I will save you some time.  If you want to post a reply on this page that tells me that we are not to judge, then save your time because it will be deleted.  Unlike on these public social networks, I will not be censored and told what I can say on my own page.

The homosexual community is very militant and in your face hoping to provoke a response from anyone that may disagree with their vial and disgusting practice.  The moment you do respond, they come against you calling you intolerant and hate filled.  I reject that and say they are the most hateful people you will ever run into.  You will never hear me use the word gay when referring to them because they have stolen a word that does not belong to them.  Gay means happy, not a vial and disgusting act.  They are homosexual activists.  People are not born homosexual, but engage in behavior.  If a person is black, or white, you can tell by looking at them.  They are not homosexual, but rather someone that engages in vial and disgusting acts.

I do not want your advice and I don’t want your opinions if you think these vial and disgusting acts are normal. If you believe this, then you are the one with a problem, not me.  I do not hate anyone so stop twisting the definitions.  Using the modern day definition of intolerance and hate, means that I hate people that like okra.  Just because a person disagrees with something does not mean they hate the person.  If you are a Christian that plans to come and tell me that we are to love them out of their homosexuality, then keep walking.

A person that loves someone tells them the truth.  If you cannot even bring yourself to say that something is sinful, then you are stopped before you even begin.  I am not attacking those that engage in this behavior.  I am responding to their never ending provocation.  I will not accept this is an acceptable alternative lifestyle because it is not.  I would be just as indignant if someone tried to get me to accept that stealing was an acceptable lifestyle.  I just had to vent this morning.

Purina Loves Our Dog

Navi watching the Super Bowl 2/1/2015

Last night I posted a tweet with this picture that said “My puppy dog watching the Super Bowl  ”  Shortly after that I received the post below…

Purina posted a tweet about our dog Navidad.

I was surprised to see this post but thought it was pretty cool.  I responded with another post that said “ Thank you! She is pulling for the Seattle Seahawks.”  Then I received the post below from them.

Purina posted a tweet about our dog Navidad.



Of course, at the time they posted this, the Seahawks were winning and of course we know how it turned out.  I still thought it was pretty cool.  Once the game was over, I was reading some of the posts on Twitter and stumbled on this one.

Funniest Tweet ever. We'll take them.


I really thought this one was funny considering that I live in Oklahoma City.  I understand the Seattle fans feel cheated on the SuperSonics but they have short memories.  If they look back at what happened, they will see that the Supersonics were in danger of leaving long before the Oklahoma City group got involved.  The former owner, Howard Schultz had threatened to move the team before our people got involved.  I clearly remember reading a press release from former NBA Commissioner David Stern saying “It is clear that Seattle does not want an NBA team in their city”.  We all know that is not true but nevertheless, the issue was there long before the Oklahoma City group came along.

The Seattle fans should also not become so indignant that they forget that their own people tried to steal the Sacramento Kings about a year ago.  While I do feel for their plight, it is is a bit disingenuous to say that the Oklahoma City owner group was solely responsible for the team leaving and that they were more immoral than their own people.  I still hope that Seattle gets another NBA team soon so that we will not forever be known as the ones that stole the team from them.  Anyway, I did think the above tweet was funny.  My response to that as an Oklahoma City citizen is “We’ll gladly take them off your hands” :).

Super Bowl Today

While I am not a militant sports fan, I do like football and the Super Bowl. I don’t like being around people where their entire world revolves around a game.  If we win, that is great but if we don’t, that is fine as well because it is just a game.  We will watch today’s game and will be pulling for the Seattle Seahawks. Not because we have some dislike for New England but because most of our family is from the West.

I’ve always identified with the West and don’t really have any family in the East and very few friends.  I run into people at work that all want to tell me the moral reasons for supporting one team or the other but it doesn’t really matter to me.  Some go on and on about New England’s irrelevant ball pressure “scandal” while others tell me about Seattle’s Pete Caroll “scandals” when he was at USC.  While both sides may have some legitimate claims, I have no connection to either team or their staff.

I will watch the game and enjoy the experience and not worry about some scandals that may or may not have happened with two teams that I have no emotional connection.  May the best team win and if they don’t, fine. We’ll just enjoy the experience and the social interaction with family that will be here watching the game with me.  While many people love watching the commercials, I do get a little irritated by the sexual nature of the ads each year.  I just don’t see the need to do that.  I am a customer of myself and this web site is hosted on their servers.

Other than that, I enjoy the commercials too.  It makes it rough when you are use to pausing to go to the bathroom and then fast forwarding through the commercials so that you can get back to the event.  In this case, you either fast forward through the game or the commercials or just watch a delayed game.  In this case, you are behind on the game while your friends and family are posting live posts on Facebook.  In that case, you are getting spoilers every few minutes.

Thankfully I am not one of those people that cares about spoilers. I really don’t mind knowing the end of a movie before I watch it.  In fact, many times I prefer to know it so that I can better filter what I waste my time on. If it is a show about something that I would ordinarily be offended by, I would rather know this before wasting my time watching it.  Putting all that aside, we are expecting some family to come over this afternoon and so it will be a good time.

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