Storm Cellar Installed

Storm cellar installation 8/5/2015

This past week we had a storm shelter installed in the backyard so we are ready for storm season.  In keeping with a normal summer, just about the time we get a storm shelter installed, we go back into our drought.

Back in May we had 19 inches of rain and now the ground is so dry that we have cracks in the dirt.  This is one of those shelters that is partially raised but has dirt piled around it.  It is our plan to sod the dirt so that grass grows back quickly.  As you can see, the heavy machinery ruined the rest of the grass in the yard.  It also left deep grooves in the front and back yards.  I am hopeful that the ground springs back after some watering. I’ve filled the grooves with dirt so that hopefully it will smooth out soon. I am very happy to get this shelter installed as it was the last projects that I wanted to get done after our move. I just wanted share the picture so family and friends can see it.

Flickr! What Happened?

UPDATE: Apparently the pictures are still set correctly but when I view them on my stream, they appear as though they have all gone private.




I have more than 25,000 photos on Flick and just noticed this morning that all of them but three shown above have been taken off public view.  This is completely unacceptable.  Do you know how long it will take me to go through 25,000 photos to change the permissions?  I’ve kept Flickr for ten years because they have an awesome way to embed images into a blog post, preventing me from filling up my storage on the blog hosting site.  I have hundreds of photos on my blog over the last ten years that will be unavailable with the photos in “private”.  This is unbelievable!

When I drop it down to “Family” view, it appears they are still there as it shows 161 pages.  When I put it to “Friends”, it shows 141 pages.  I don’t recall setting a single photo to friends only.  There are many set to family only but I think 161 pages is a little high.  Since I use Flickr as a backup of all of my photos, there are many scanned documents that I don’t want public and that I want to be “private” for just me. I cannot simply select all photos and move them to public because I don’t know which photos that I want to keep private without going through every single photo.  This really angers me.

About a month and a half, I got an invite to Google Photos and I accepted not knowing exactly what it was for.  I installed the app on both my PC and my phone.  It backed up every single photo that I have taken but put every one of them on private. They stay on private until I select a few and share them and then only those people can see those particular photos.  It was a great tool because now I could see every photo that I have on my phone without filling up the storage.  I really love this so when I saw Flickr’s new “Uploadr”, I installed it.  It did exactly the same thing as Google Photos.  It kept them private but there were just too many to go through in a short amount of time.  With our move, I just haven’t had time to mess with it.

Flickr recently added the “Camera Roll” in addition to the existing “Photo Stream”. When I go to the page, it defaults to the “Camera Roll”.  The Camera Roll shows every photo that I have listed by date of upload.  Since I’ve not gone to the “Photo Stream” in a while, I’ve not noticed until today that my photos were set to private.  I have no idea how long ago this happened but it may explain why I’ve not been getting favorites, or comments for a while.  Does anyone know a way to set it back to the old settings without moving all of them to public?  I have way too many hours invested in this thing to have to start all over.

A few days ago, I got an email from Flickr thanking me for being a Pro member and guaranteed me the same price for the next two years.  They had stopped offering the Pro packages over a year ago.  This email said that they were going to begin offering it again but the price would no longer be $24.95 a year but $49.99 per year. As a current Pro member, mine would be locked for two years before also going to $49.99.  I am worried that all of my blog posts that contain pictures will not be available.  The last time I changed a status of a photo that was on my blog, I could not simply change it back and all was good.  I had to go back to Flickr and get new code to embed in the post.

I have way too many posts for that.  Flickr, help!

First Post after Move

My wife and I sold our house in Choctaw in an attempt to downsize.  We have been living in an apartment for the last couple of months and just closed on the purchase of a new home last week.  God is really good to us.  We got everything we wanted in a house in the city AND no home owners association (HOA) or even restrictive covenants.  This way I can still practice my Amateur Radio hobby without having to worry about some all powerful HOA.

It has been a very busy four months with selling the other house and buying a new one.  It certainly has been satisfying though. Last night I started installing window blinds in every window in the house.  I managed to get four of them installed before bed time.  We are finally in a place that not only matches our size but also matches our budget. :)

God has also blessed us with a very wet year.  While the intense humidity and mosquitoes are a big hassle, it is a small price to pay to end the drought.  It seems like the last four or five years, we’ve been under a burn ban and some sort of fire warning.  It really got old waking up, stepping out of the house and smelling grass fires year round.  Praise be to God for bringing back the rains.

A Week Without Facebook and Google+

After that last week of our country turning into Sodom and Gomorrah, I’ve had a lot of time to think.  A person can only take so much provocation before they respond.  I’ve been fed up with the homosexual community and their intolerant tolerance shoving their fingers in the eye of everyone hoping for them to respond.

We have sat idle for years while these people redefine terms, label everyone that disagrees with them and allow them to call any dissenting opinions hatred.  Well you are wrong.  You are the ones that are an ugly person that pushes  your depraved beliefs on everyone else and then pokes your finger in their eye waiting for someone to respond negatively so you can accuse them of hate speech.  It is just the opposite.  Most people can agree to disagree with someone and live in peace but the homosexual community cannot and will not live in peace with anyone.

Love doesn’t win because you are filled with hate for anyone that has a different opinion.  Even a child that has not been indoctrinated by leftist groups knows that homosexuality makes no sense without any input from anyone.  We’ve often heard the saying of putting the square peg in the round hole.  This is similar because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that two of the same do not go together.

It is often those that see themselves as intellectuals are the ones that are the most fooled.  They are too smart to believe in God but they are too stupid to not believe in Big Foot, UFO’s, homosexuality and whatever else crazy story there is.  To someone that has not or refuses to be indoctrinated by this stuff, you have no idea how stupid modern culture is.

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, Romans 1:22 KJV

In the last six months, it seems like a circus.  I mean… Here we have some guy that use to be in the Olympics decides he wants to be a woman.  He and all of his followers are not smart enough to know that you cannot do that, no matter how much surgery you have done.  He will always be a man regardless of what medicine he takes, or what skin his has cut or pasted on.

There are people that can tell you the stats for a baseball game 30 years ago but cannot see common sense.  If you are familiar with this book called the Bible, you may remember a scripture in 2 Thessalonians…

And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 2 Thessalonians 2:11 KJV

The world is blind and cannot see it.  Interestingly enough, “Christians” have swallowed the politically correct pill and have come to believe the lie that if you point this out, then you are speaking hate.  Wake up!  Jesus was not passive when people were exchanging money in the church.  He got angry and turned over the tables.  It is okay to speak the truth. A person that hates, doesn’t care if you get hurt.  Someone that loves you will tell you the truth.  I see people claiming “Christianity” with rainbow profile pictures.  Wow!  I believe we are in the luke warm church.

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3:16 KJV

I am more concerned that we have Christians that will pile on you for telling the truth.  How can we possibly reach people if our own are telling us not to tell the truth.  I don’t hate anyone, including those that engage in homosexuality. I would be doing a disservice to not tell someone if they are doing something dangerous.  I am not piling on homosexuality as though I have no sin. I am responding to a relentless attack by those that are trying to push homosexuality on the rest of us and tell us that it is not sin. I would be just as indignant if someone was trying to say that stealing was not a sin.

I don’t spend a lot of time on that because I am not being told daily that I am a bigot because I think stealing is wrong.  I am not obsessed with homosexuality but rather responding. If I am told something that I clearly know is wrong, I respond.  If I am told the same lie 5,000 times, I respond 5,000 times.  We live in a culture that has forgotten God and so they have no basis or gauge to measure morality against.  In that environment, a group can repeat a lie over and over again to a point that people with no core values will believe.  There doesn’t have to be any facts involved, just emotional repetition.

This culture does not like people that have core values because they cannot be changed.  A depraved person wants acceptance of their depravity and so when you don’t accept it, they lash out and accuse you of hating.  Hate speech legislation was a crafty way they came in and stole your first amendment rights without you even knowing it.  Crimes are crimes regardless of motivation.  When a person commits an assault or murder, it doesn’t matter their motivation because it is already a crime.

If this is true, why do we need hate crimes (speech) legislation when a crime is already a crime?  If you open your eyes, you will see that it is because they want to silence anyone that disagrees with them.  You see, if you post something negatively against something you find immoral, they accuse you of hate speech and provoking people to violence against those that engage in this immoral behavior.  So they can now tell you legally to shut up and stop telling the truth because it is hate speech.  Suddenly your First Amendment right to free speech no longer exists because your thoughts are suspect.  Once you open the door to this, there is no end to where it can go.

In an environment like this, Adolf Hitler was able to convince the people that Jews were responsible for every negative thing and killing them was justified.  If there are no absolute core values of what is right and wrong, then all it takes is a media with an agenda to convince people that Jews or any group they find undesirable need to go. Soon enough, the people blindly follow.  It is remarkable to me how much the American people have been duped over the last 20 years.  It is absolutely frightening to me.

If in the span of less than 20 years, an entire nation can be convinced that homosexuality is acceptable, then what else can they do.  People that have moral values are going to be painted as hateful, spiteful and responsible for the ills of the world.  Soon, just like they stole our freedom of speech, we will be targeted like the Jews were in Hitler’s time.  If you think this is just conspiracy theory then get some old encyclopedias and old dictionaries before they are all gone.  You need to know how things were before this condition happened.

I am old enough to see where things were and how they are now.  The modern culture sees thing as they are as the reality when they are not.  Right is always right, regardless of the number of people believe it.  Wrong things don’t just become right because a relentless media and court system tell you so.

We need spend time in God’s word and learn what he says.  The world is lost and they want you to be lost with them.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2 KJV


Homosexual Bullies

I have had it with the social networking companies shoving their homosexuality on the rest of us. These people are evil to the core.  I am currently in the process of finding other alternatives to replace my Gmail that are not based out of Sodom and Gomorrah.  They are the most demanding, pushy, intolerant people  you will ever see.  Google tops the list with Facebook for their bully tactics.  Yahoo does as well but hasn’t quite reached the fever pitch that Google has.

Facebook does it by forcing the trending topics on you whether you want them or not.  In fact you cannot even scroll to a point where they are out of view on your screen.  The term trending is a misnomer because they purposely put topics that are not necessarily trending but topics that are sure to get as much controversy as possible.  Sort of like journalists constantly stirring the pot and fanning the flames of racism with the sole intent to keep everyone stirred up about it.  Google makes a point to put homosexual comments on every page that you go to and there are no way to turn them off.  Imagine if I were to force my religious beliefs on them on every page.  They would be equally outraged.  While those on the left of center politically like to talk a good game about tolerance and “COEXISTING”, they are nothing but hypocrites that force themselves on everyone.  I mean everyone!

You cannot go to a grocery store without magazines of homosexuals on them. You cannot turn on a TV show without homosexuals on them. You cannot turn on the news without homosexuals on them.  Their being there is not what offends me but the way they are in your face about it trying to provoke a response.  They want you to respond so they can call you out as one that hates people.  It is very orchestrated and vicious.  The homosexual community are more hate filled and vengeance driven than anyone you will ever meet.  They talk a good game about love but they are vicious and evil to the core.  Google and Facebook are leaders of the pack when it comes to their “in your face” provoking tactics.  Whenever they have an issue they like to stir people up about they talk about a group “representing America” as in having the appropriate number of blacks, whites, Asians, etc to represent the community.  The homosexual representation is completely out of balance compared to their actual numbers. They are everywhere in the media to a point that if they truly “represented their community” everyone would be homosexuals.

Their tactics are clear.  Shove it into every inch of society to a point where those that have no core values will just fall into line and those that do have core values will be bullied into silence.  Anyone with their eyes open can see what they are doing.

I will NEVER accept homosexuality as anything but the sin that it is.  Just because you think you can get a lot of people fooled into believing the way you do does not change truth. Truth does not change with the wind and homosexuality is always going to be a deviant behavior that is not only disgusting but morally wrong.  Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a homosexual.  There are people that engage in homosexual behavior but they do not become a homosexual until they act on it.  The same can be said for a child molester. They are not a child molester until they molest a child.  These people would have you believe they are born that way but in fact, the are no different than anyone else.  They choose to engage in deviant behavior and then demand that everyone else accept it as normal.  No matter how many times you hear some celebrity tell you that it is normal, it will never be normal.

These people are blind to common sense and I am not going to sit around while Facebook, Google and Yahoo push this garbage upon us.  I’ve already cancelled all of them.  If you have any comments opposing my view,  forget it because they will be moderated off before they even appear on the page.  They flood every venue there is and will not get my page to be one of them.  This page is “EQUAL TIME”.  They are the very definition of a bully and should be treated as such.  I will gladly admit to being a card carrying bigot to any bully and will not give them the respect that of a normal person because they are three toed deviants that should be shouted down.

Sick In The Summer

Being sick is never a good time but being sick in the summer time seems really unpleasant.  At first I thought maybe I had allergies but it seems that I am not the only one getting it.  It started with a sore throat and then head congestion and finally chest congestion.

My wife also has it and a coworker has it as well. Everyone at work says that I got it from the coworker.  It may be possible but now I sit here at home, very uncomfortable wishing this would just go away.  Strangely enough, I am itching all over as well.

Yesterday a coworker gave me a Benedryl and that was a mistake.  I was so drowsy last night that I was not very good company when I went to visit my dad. I came home and laid down the rest of the evening.  Today I went to work and made it as far as lunch before deciding to go back home.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend, I will feel more like going to work. I am still not sure if it is just allergies or not.  I think the sore throat can be attributed to a draining sinus. Either way, it is not a good time.   I just thought I would share a moment of my day. :)


I really am done with social networking sites.  They have become a place where these San Francisco deviants force their view on everyone else like bullies in a prevocational way.  They seek to provoke people into responding and then when they do, they try to pounce on them as though there is something wrong with them.  I reject that!  They are the ones that are the bullies, not the other way around.  Most of us just want to be left alone but they force their agenda upon us daily to a point where people get fed up.

Took Down Satellite Dish


The satellite dish in this picture was taken down April 1, 2015 and the concrete pad was taken down April 2, 2015 after being installed on August 3, 1984.  In the picture below, you can see where we all signed our initials on the concrete pad in 1984.  Had we left it installed until August, it would have stood for 31 years.  When I signed my initials on this pad, I had only been out of high school for three months.

Took down the old 10 foot fiberglass satellite dish today 4/1/2015. We installed it August 3, 1984.

I was 18 years old when my dad and I, along with two of my friends installed this Prodelin satellite dish.  The dish was 10 feet wide, made from fiberglass and weighed more than 400 pounds. It was installed on a surface hotel style mount.  Two days ago, I went over to my dad’s to visit and somehow we decided we would start the dis assembly of the dish.  Within two hours, we had the entire dish down and including the mount.

Took down the old 10 foot fiberglass satellite dish today 4/1/2015. We installed it August 3, 1984.


The next day, yesterday, April 2nd, I came back over to visit and my dad had the idea that we would try to bust up the concrete with a sledge hammer.  I didn’t think we would get very far on it but after having good success on knocking off the corners, I began to think we could actually do it over several visits.  After several breaks, we managed to get about half of it broken up.  We were taking a break when the next door neighbor came over and offered to help. Within the two hour visit, we managed to have the entire concrete pad removed as shown in the picture below

My dad standing in front of the hole where the satellite pad once sat. It was insTalled August 3, 1984 and taken out April 1&2 2015.

As you can see in this picture, we have the entire pad busted up but we ran out of time and had to leave it in this state until my next visit.  By the time we got it broken up to this point, I was so sore and my hands were pretty raw.  In fact, because the project was unplanned, we didn’t even get a pair of gloves.  On my next visit, we’ll clean up all these rocks so that the grass can be mowed.  We just did not have any more energy to pick up the concrete rocks.  There was 2,200 pounds of concrete and my dad and I carried every bit of it.  Once we get the rest of the pile picked up, we are going to have to schedule a land fill visit.

It was a happy but sad point because this dish had been there more than half of my life. I’ve been married for 25 years and that dish was there when I met my wife.  I lost my mom in 2005 and she use to watch TV on this dish.

Unfortunately, the “C-Band” satellite technology is obsolete and this dish has not been used in about 15 years.  The dis has withstood the 100 MPH wind from the July 1995 severe thunderstorm.  My dad, sold these satellite dish assemblies for more than 20 years along with his Radio/TV shop that was open for more than 40 years.  We only have one more pole on the North end of the house that is installed with concrete, and we will have them all removed.  I am amazed at my dad’s strength, agility and perseverance.

I remember in my high school years that my dad dug a sewer line with one shovel from the house all the way back to the fence line including a couple of bends.  A couple years later, he did it again.  It was the cleanest hole dug that I’ve ever seen.  No one would ever estimate my dad’s determination to get a job done.  In fact, if you look in the first picture on this page, my dad installed that tower in 1980.  That was after he had installed a 100 foot tower in Wynnewood. He has always been a hard worker and it shows today with his good health and strength.  He was out there swinging a 30 pound sledge hammer just yesterday at the age of 77.  I know people that are in their 20’s that don’t work as hard as he does.

If you would have asked me two days ago if we could have done this in five visits, I would have laughed.  I visited two days at only two hours per day and we managed to get this entire dish down.  Just thinking about it makes my head spin.  I enjoy these moments when my dad and I can do these projects.

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