Update 21 December 2007

This is a momentous occasion in that I have completed a whole week of work without taking off.  Is that sad or what?  With sickness, and ice storms ruling the day, I have really burned some vacation days.  Today was the last day of work before Christmas.  It is after 11:00 pm and my wife, son, and girlfriend, and her friend are putting up the Christmas tree.  It is only four days from Christmas and it does not even feel like Christmas at all.  It is not that I did not want to put the tree up, but I have not really been in the mood.

While they are putting up the tree, I am watching the Dallas Mavericks beating the Los Angeles Clippers on ESPN and barely able to stay awake.  Whether I go to bed at 8:00 pm, or midnight, I always wake up before the alarm and have not had much sleep this week.  We cut many tree limbs this week and put them in the front yard since the city is going to come around and pick up the ice damaged tree limbs.  In January, I am going to do the impossible deed of paying someone to cut the next door neighbor’s tree down to the ground.  That tree has damaged our home many times and has been a constant trouble.

Today at work I watched a display that really bothered me.  Maybe I am overreacting but I will let you be the judge.  There are three women at my work that have done some research to find a family that has endured hardship on Tinker AFB.  While I was off for surgery, they collected money at work and then spent two weeks wrapping Christmas presents on the clock.  They bought more than 50 presents and put them on banquet tables at work and called the family to come to work to receive them.  They made them open the presents while more than 100 workers stood by and watched.  I made a point to leave the area against my supervisor’s wishes because I thought this was shameful.  I thought making a sideshow of this family was humiliating for them and I did not want to be associated with it.   I think a more appropriate approach would have been to anonymously deliver these gifts and not subject them to the humiliation of opening these gifts in front of everyone with the cameras flashing.  I may be wrong but in my opinion, this whole display was more for the benefit of those three women getting a pat on the back than it was a gesture of compassion.  If I am wrong, let me know because I do not wish to be judgmental in this but I just did not get a good feeling about this.

Again, I have not really been in the Christmas mood this year.  I am hopeful that I am wrong in my opinion of the above story because I really would hate to embarrass a family like that.  Well guys… I see this blog post really going in the wrong direction reflecting my fatigue.  I better get off here and get some sleep.

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