Holy Cow! What an Announcement!

Today was a big day in Oklahoma City with a big announcement from one of the biggest local companies.  There were a lot of smiles around town with this announcement.  This morning Devon Energy presented their proposal to build a new corporate headquarters here in Oklahoma City.  This new building will be 54 floors at 925 feet tall easily making this the tallest building in the state.  The predict this project will cost $750 million and begin construction late 2009 and be complete in 2012.  This was big news for OKC and with the addition of the new NBA teams arrival it is even bigger.  I am hopeful this project will be completed on time as the new I-40 relocation project is also forecasted to be completer in 2012.  Devon Energy is 221st on the Fortune 500 companies according to Forbes.com.  Of course the authorities at the Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority (OCURA) gave unanimous approval for the project.


Below you can see a model drawing of the height and design.

As you can see from the image above this is a very large development and will certainly change the appearance of Oklahoma City from every direction.  The image below shows a scale model that was revealed at the meeting this morning.  I must say that I am pretty excited about this.

With this building reaching 925 feet tall, it will be about four feet taller than the Bank of America building in Dallas, Texas.  I have already heard some skepticism that this project will never happen and I can understand the sentiment except this time with fuel prices between $3.00 and $4.00 per gallon, this company can afford this easily.  I read a report that they made $5.2 billion profit this first quarter of the year.  This project is less that $1 billion.