God’s Beauty

All jokes aside about the weather the last few days what an amazing day it has turned out to be.  I went out this morning and took advantage of the pretty spring time weather to take some pictures and it just makes a person happy to be outside today.

God's Beauty

I took this picture of some flowers in the area around the Presbyterian Health Research Foundation at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City.  Among all the medical research towers I found this area near I-235 that had such pretty flowers.  I had no intentions of stopping here but I took the wrong exit off the freeway at I-235 and Harrison Avenue just South of the State capitol.  As I was trying to navigate the confusing parking lots in the area, these caught my eye.

I don’t care how manly you are, you have to recognize the beauty in God’s design here.  We have been enduring a terrible drought over the last few months until two days ago when we had two inches of rain and freezing temperatures and yet these flowers survived.  I only wish I had more time to get out and see more of God’s miracles that we have been blessed with.  If you are like me and too busy to enjoy life, you should stop and take a look around and recognize what you have been blessed with.

Storm Clouds

In the photo above you can see the line of severe thunderstorms that were moving into the Oklahoma City area on March 27, 2009 that preceded the snow storm of the century spoken of here… 🙂  This storm had some amazing cloud formations though no tornados in this one.  I only wish I would have had time to get into a clearing to get this shot before it lost its look but this was taken in my front  yard.

My blessing are too many to count but chief among them is the sacrifice that Jesus did for me on the cross followed by my wonderful family.  I know I often use sarcasm in an attempt at being humorous on this blog but I do try to keep in mind the blessings that I have.  When I graduate in May, I would like to make a point to take more photographs and post them on here.  Photography forces you to take note of the beauty around you.  I hope those that read my previous posts about the storm realize that I was just poking fun at the local meteorologists here in Oklahoma City.  For the record as one that loves weather as a science, I do understand there are many variables that can change a forecast on a daily basis especially here in the central plains.  For an explanation of why the weather can be so violent here, read this article from the National Severe Storms Laboratory here in Norman, Oklahoma.

Our climate is so volatile in the spring that it can go from a beautiful day like today to a violent storm within hours.  This is something that we are use to in this part of the country and some love it while some hate it.  If you are one of those that does not like this type of weather you do not have to worry about it too much because it does not happen nearly as much as the media would have you believe.  I love watching them and even with me looking for them, they do not happen as much as I like.  One thing is for sure though, you will never be surprised by one of these storms because as I joked about earlier weather coverage on our local media has become a contact sport and they will let you know if there is a storm 150 miles away.  They will let you know if there is even the potential that one will occur within the next week.  Also we have tornado sirens all over the place that will shake you out of bed in the night.

I know some of you may be asking yourself how I can go from being thankful for God’s beauty to something as destructive as a tornado.  I guess it is all in how you see things.  I genuinely love thunderstorms as crazy as that sounds.  I see them as a wonderful thing.  For those that do not like them, you can understand that the same physical forces that created this world continue to operate.  God has given us the technology to research and know when these things will happen and prepare for them.  Again, I guess it is how you look at things because as we know anyone can see negative in anything if they want to.  The forest fires that start by lightning usually result in cleaning out all the undergrowth for new growth helping the habitat for many animals.  If you choose to see the beauty in them you can.

I have lived in three countries, and four states and choose to see the best in every place that I have been.  Oklahoma is a great place to live if you have the right attitude.  This is my home and I love it here.

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