Update 18 October 2009

This week has been quite active with my sister being in the hospital and now released.  She has had quite a traumatic summer and it is great to see things start to work our for her.  For those of you that know what this is about, thanks for the prayers.  This weekend was the big football game between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners.  The game turned out the way I thought it would with the Longhorns winning but the Sooners did play much better than I thought they would.  They have some issues with their offense and hopefully they will get that worked out soon.  Our quarterback Sam Bradford was injured again and that was not good at all.  This time it may be for the entire season.  Thankfully our second quarterback Landry Jones did a pretty good job.  For some reason our offense has a terrible job getting the ball forward on the ground.  I am not sure what the final statistics were but at one point in the fourth quarter I saw where our offense had –16 yards rushing.  This is not to take away from Texas but we have struggled all year.  With three losses already, this is not the best season for the Sooners at all.

It looks like the Oklahoma State Cowboys performed very well against the Missouri Tigers.  It is good to see them succeed even though my team has been struggling.  Yes I do think you can root for both teams as long as you are not playing each other.  It is good to see our state do well when possible.

We should be getting our Internet switched over to Cox Communications this week so hopefully this will help some of the drop outs we have been having.  Again, I am not blaming AT&T for our problems but rather the old infrastructure in our neighborhood.  With the new Cox lines behind our house, and the new line to our house, I am hopeful this will help to give us a more dependable Internet experience.

A couple of weekends ago I started painting a window on the outside just to have it start raining five minutes after finishing.  The rain washed the paint down onto the brick and so I had to wait a while to finish the job.  Now that I am finished with the job, I have some masking tape that does not want to come off the window.  A razor blade gets most of it but it seems to be leaving a sticky residue on the window.  If anyone knows how to get that off, I would love the input.  The sun came out this weekend for the first time in nearly a month.  As much as everyone else wanted the sun to come back out, I actually enjoyed the cool, overcast, foggy, misty days.  It has been nice and fresh seeing the cool days where we can get some rain.  It seems like the last ten years has been so dry that I love to see rain any time we can get it.

At work it has been wild, busy, and just plain anarchy :).  Since I work in a program office that has hundreds of airplanes world wide, you can count on having some sort of crisis non-stop.  There are times that I go in at 6:30 AM just to find there is a crisis already going on.  With the never ending presentations, updates, and rule changes, it is hard enough to keep up.  Now we have an operational readiness inspection (ORI) coming on November 1st.  If any of you have ever been through one of those, you know how chaotic it can be.  The preparation leading up to the even usually is worse than the event itself.  The one rule to always keep in mind in these inspections is to never offer information that is not specifically requested.  I have found that when you do this, you tend to open the door for more questioning that could potentially get you in trouble.  On top of all this, I have two trainees that I am responsible for and I hardly have time for them.  I feel sorry for them because every time I start to show them something, I get pulled off onto some other crisis that requires my immediate attention.  I am trying my best to get them up to speed because that will make my life much easier.

What ever happened to my photography?  I am asking myself that question because I never have time to go out much these days.  I love to take pictures and this is the perfect time with the leaves changing.  Autumn and Spring are the times of year that we get to see God’s beauty.  It is just amazing how pretty the trees can be when the leaves begin to change.  Just the same, in the Spring, the world breathes a new breath of life.  It is just amazing when you can stop and take in all that God has done.

Back to the family…  My wife and I are doing very well.  My wife got another job at the same place that turned out to be a promotion.  She is doing very well with her health.  Both of my sons are back home and life is going pretty well with everyone getting along.  My sister’s situation seems to be improving by the day.  My dad is also very happy.  When everything is going smooth at home, it helps to make it easier to see the wonders of the world when you drive around and see the leaves changing.  I can honestly say that we are blessed.   Like I said before, I am living the American dream and I am done setting career goals.  I have reached a point in my career that I am very happy with and my college goals have been met.

It is time to start living before life is over.  One day I started to think and realize that ever since I got married, I have been building toward making a life for my family.  Then I realized that my kids are almost grown and life is passing us by while I am working toward a life.  Life is happening and I need to stop and enjoy it.  It is too easy to get caught up in working to make a life for your family and later you find out that your kids will not even talk to you.  If you are one of those, you may want to think about it and start living now because the clock does not stop whether you have your career or not.  I would encourage you to stop and look at what you have.  Give God the credit and be thankful for them.  Realize that your attitude can determine happiness.  You can look at what you have and decide to be happy now.  I know I have been guilty of this one myself.  I have told myself that when I get ______ done, I will be happy.  When the goal is accomplished, there will be something else.  Stop, be happy now.  This concludes my sermon for today.  Please turn to page___ in your hymnals. 🙂  Just kidding.

Sometimes I get too busy to get to this blog but I always try to make time to at least give an update from time to time.  Thanks for stopping by.

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