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To all those that have endured a week of receiving invites from LinkedIn in my name I would like to apologize.  I finally found where I could go in there and withdraw the invitations that were imposed on everyone.  One day last week I clicked on a link that asked me to add new contacts.  It searched my Gmail address book with my permission.  What it did with that information was wrong and made me mad.  Linked in found certain people in my address book that were already LinkedIn members.  It brought their names up with a check mark on their names to send them invites.  I unchecked all of them except for two.

What it did not tell me was that all of those 200+ contacts that were not LinkedIn members were sent invites without my knowledge.  If that was not bad enough, it continued to send then reminders to join every day until today.  Each day I would be contacted by another person asking to stop sending the invites to them because they do not join sites like this.  I completely agreed with them but was unable to figure out how to stop them until today.  If you are one of the unfortunate ones that fell for the trap like I did, then go to your LinkedIn Inbox and then click on “Sent” followed by the “Invites”.  You will have to open each of them one at a time and then click on “Withdraw” before deleting.

It took me over an hour to do them one by one.  I am very angry that LinkedIn would resort to such aggressive tactics to trick people to join their service while exploiting their trust of me.  It makes people trust me less and it makes me not trust LinkedIn.  I think it is outrageous that they would do something so intrusive to their members.  If anything, they have destroyed my trust of them and I will tell the world about how they do their members.  Again, if you are one of those that has received all those endless invites, I am sorry.  I hope the problem is fixed with me withdrawing all of them.

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