Beginning to Accept Inevitability

I have spent the last week pouting about losing T-Mobile to AT&T.  I have spent years despising AT&T and Apple’s creation, the iPhone mainly because everything that both of them do usually ends up with less money our wallets.  Anything with the Apple logo on it usually cost more than a comparable item without the logo.  Any service that has the AT&T logo on the bill usually cost more than a comparable service.  For those reasons I have avoided both of them.  Unfortunately with the AT&T consumption of T-Mobile, there is one less choice for the people.  Any time you lose choices, you usually end up with a higher price.  As much as I dislike AT&T’s business practices, I find myself in a situation where I feel compelled to use them simply because they have an antenna on the water tower outside the building of my employer.

I work in a building that is very hard to penetrate with a cell phone signal and even those that can, are not dependable from one room to the next.  This is where being with AT&T is actually a good thing.  I would say about 75% to 80% of my office coworkers are AT&T customers simply because they can get a signal in the office.  Even I have been jealous for a long time that they could make and receive calls on their cell phone while I could not.  I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer since 2000 back in the days when they were called Voicestream in our area.  As good as they have been to our family with four phones, they never could seem to get a signal inside this huge building.  Sure there were certain areas where you could stand and get a signal but you sure would not want to move.

Another potential good thing for going to AT&T would be that I have many family and friends that are using them and so they would be free calls. Don’t count on me purchasing an iPhone though.  That would be asking a little… a lot.  I can only allow someone to rip me off once in a transaction.  Buying an iPhone would be allowing both AT&T AND Apple to gouge my wallet.  I don’t think that will be happening for a looooong time.  Even if the phone was the same price as an Android phone I would not do it simply on principal.  Just go to your local electronic store and compare the prices of Apple products against other brand names of comparable value.  It is sort of like going to a Shell gas station and willingly paying ten to fifteen cents more per gallon just because of the logo.

I just cannot bring myself to do that just to be able to call myself cool.  Being “cool” has become a synonym for “follower”.  Being the rebel that I am just has no place for being a follower so I guess buying an Apple product is not in my future.  You should be proud of me though for considering the idea of staying with T-Mobile as they become AT&T.  That is a huge breakthrough for me.  It is like willingly going against one of my core values even if it is being done with a little arm twisting.  I guess this is the beginning of baby steps.  Don’t expect any tattoos, piercings, or facial hair.  I don’t think I could ever go that far. :)  I just had to get this off my chest and I feel better already.

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