I Was Right All Along

On Wednesday, May 8, 2011 I posted this post about being wrong about Apple and all the bashing I have done over the years.  In that moment of philanthropy I was not thinking straight so I would like to take this opportunity to take that back.  As I have said all along, my complaints against Apple are not about the quality of their products as much as they are about the price.  Apple and Shell Oil are synonymous with high way robbery.  People often argue to me that you get what you pay for and that Apple products are better quality and therefore worth more.  The better quality part is debatable but if I were to concede this, I would still have to argue that their prices are disproportionate to that quality.

My cell phone contract recently expired and with the lack of signal in my office, I was forced to change carriers and get new phones.  Well I was clearly affected by the nearby Marijuana smoke that was carried over from the neighbor’s bong.  I was in a particularly good mood last week when I thought I would consider Apple one time.  I had been following various Android phones for some time but had concern that I had no history to base the quality of handsets these various manufactures would have.  I was worried that my new phone may not last for the two years of the contract.  This concern was a result of my last Blackberry 8900 phone that was a constant headache.  It had to be replaced twice during the two year contract.  Even after being replaced twice, the phone would go white screen and lock up.  I could not do anything to stop it.  Removing the battery would only reboot back to the white screen.

These concerns and the fact that the iPhone 4 was the same price as the Android device that I was looking at convinced me to take the leap and go against my principals.  My family bought three iPhone 4’s and one non smart phone last weekend.  I must say that I am pleased with the phone with the exception of not having Google Talk available.  Google Talk helps to integrate Google Latitude and Google Buzz.  Another irritation with this phone is the charger only having a three foot power cord.  Despite this, I decided I would try to have a positive attitude and be happy with this phone.

After these purchases we decided that with such an expensive investment we would buy a few peripherals to make them easier to live with.  With that in mind, my wife asked for me to go pick up a docking station so that she can charge her phone on her desk.  I went by Wal-Mart on the way home the other day and decided I would pick up a couple of them.

Why I hate Apple

I decided I would check out this device shown in the picture above.  The device was $28.99 and had no power cord.  It is only about 1 inch by 2 inches and made of plastic.  There is approximately $1.99 worth of materials.  I was quickly reminded of why I hate Apple so much.  I was so outraged by this gross gouging that I could not in good conscious buy one.  I was so mad that I wound up griping the the Wal-Mart employee about why I hate Apple with a passion.  I could have let it go with that but he started defending Apple and telling me how they are not the only ones that do this.  I had to remind him that what he says may be true but no one does it to the level that Apple does.  I eventually apologized to him and told him that I know it is not his fault that Apple is such a ripoff.

This is just one example of what I am talking about.  The cases for these phones were $42.99 each.  You can go to your local electronics store and you will see that everything with the Apple logo on it is significantly more expensive than ANY other brand of comparable functionality. I may have had a lapse in judgement this one time by purchasing an Apple product but it will not happen again.  I can look at this from a different point of view.  Now I can say that I owned an Apple product and make the argument that their products while good are not that much better to justify the added cost.  Now I can speak from experience when I tell the world that Apple is scamming people right and left.  They are not necessarily to blame though because people are willingly buying their products with this knowledge just so they can join a group that they perceive as “cool”.  I own an iPhone 4 and I do not feel “cool”.  I feel embarrassed that I allowed myself to be taken advantage of like that.

I will not criticize the quality of Apple products but rather shine the light on the over charging for them.  When my contract expires I will be going back to a non Apple product.  Now I can say this as an Apple owner.

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