To The Western Conference Finals


Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals

Wow!  If you live in and around the Oklahoma City area, you have to be thrilled at how well the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing.  Yesterday the Thunder won game seven of the Western Conference Semi-Finals against the Memphis Grizzlies opening the door for the Western Conference Finals.  In just three years, the Oklahoma City Thunder has gone from 23-59 to 55-27 in the regular season.  Last year they won 50 games in the regular season and the coach won an award for the most improved team.  Last year the Thunder went to the first round of the playoffs and eventually losing to the Los Angeles Lakers.  Our whole city was proud of the team even when it ended.  When the season ended last year, this sign showed up on I-40 at the Robinson Street exit.

Thank You Fans!

Here we are one year later and we improved our regular season by five game, and then won the first round of the playoffs against the Denver Nuggets, and then just yesterday, won the second round of the playoffs to the Memphis Grizzlies.  The excitement is taking over our city.  Now it looks like the Oklahoma City Thunder is going to play the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals.  When the team moved to our city three years ago we were just excited to have them here.  We did not care whether they won or lost because we were thrilled to have them here.  It would be difficult to imagine with a 23-59 record three years ago that we would find ourselves in the Western Conference Finals just two years later.

Oklahoma City Thunder

In this image, you can see the signs on the Cox Business Services Convention Center advertising the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Sandridge building and now the new Devon Energy Center also have signs on the top that say Let’s Go Thunder and Go Thunder respectively.

Go Thunder!

The first game of the seven game series of the Western Conference Finals will be on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.  Tickets go on sale today for that game.

Western Conference Finals

Since the game is so close, I would suspect we will have plenty of opposing team fan in their arena and ours.  Watching game seven on ABC was very moving to see with the crowd chanting O-K-C! O-K-C!  It was so loud that it was hard to hear the interview going on the sideline.  Even with the microphone right in the player’s face, it was hard to hear what was being said.

I would like to join all Oklahoma Citians in wishing the Oklahoma City Thunder a successful Western Conference Finals.  We are so proud of your success and the incredible way you represent our great city.  It is rare that you can get the entire city to agree on anything but our Thunder has managed to to that.  There is no Sooners or Cowboys battle dividing the city.  There are signs all over the city showing the Oklahoma City Thunder players with the slogan “Rise Together” on the top.  If you have not joined in the excitement, I would encourage you to savor this rare moment and be proud for our team and our city.


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