Why I Will Not Vote For Romney or Obama

My first election was the 1984 Presidential election so I have been around for a while. Over the years as we have approached an election we have been confronted with an absolute Communist Democrat or a Republican that has no principals and just stands on the fact that he or she is not a Democrat.  Each time I hear Republicans complain that their candidate is not a true conservative but then they will tell you that you have to vote for them because by not voting for them guarantees the Democrat wins.  I have followed this philosophy myself each time but I am finally done.  I understand that by not voting for the Republican it ensures that the Democrat wins but let me explain.

My argument against voting for Romney is mainly because he was picked for us by the media solely on the fact that he will be easy to defeat in the general election.  The media takes sides on every election in the United States and it is always the Democrat.  During the primary season, the media does daily polling where they never reveal the question that was asked in the poll.  They always report that the most liberal Republican is ahead in the polls.  Why do they do this?  Simply because the evidence has shown that people are lazy and will follow the crowd.  Secondly they know that Republicans will vote for the person they feel is the most electable to defeat the Democrat.  Unfortunately the Republicans fall prey to the media every time.  The media will give the illusion that the most liberal candidate is ahead in the polls knowing that Republicans will support that person.  Again, the media wants Republicans to vote for the least likely to win against their guy, the Democrat.  They did it during the last Presidential race as well as many more before that.  If you have paid any attention over the last few years, you would know that conservatives are the base of the Republican party. You would also know that conservatives do not like John McCain. They also do not like Mitt Romney.  You are probably wondering how they can be elected as the nominee if the base did not like them.  This is where the media gets all the credit.  They prey on Republicans willingness to vote for the one they perceive to be the most electable.  As I said before, Republicans always tell you to vote for the Republican candidate, no matter who it is, so as to not to allow the Democrat to win. Their argument is that a liberal Republican will do less damage than a full blown Communist.

Why do Democrats and the media want Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination?  You have to ask  yourself what among the many catastrophes that Obama has done, bothers the Republicans the most?  Without question it is the mandatory requirement that all citizens purchase healthcare.  Mitt Romney is just as guilty as Obama because he oversaw the implementation of a healthcare plan very similar to the one Obama proposed but it was in his home state of Massachusetts. Mitt Romney explains it off by saying it is a states rights issue over the Federal government.  That is not the point.  The main point that people are angry about the healthcare issue is that the government on any level should not have the power to force anyone to buy anything.  We are a nation of the people by the people turning into a nation of the government by the government.  The media has been patiently sitting on the sideline not bringing up this hypocrisy until he gets the nomination.  Then the gloves will be off.  As soon as the Republicans self destruct and nominate Romney, they will point out this hypocrisy daily.  Then the media will run daily polls telling you that Obama is leading in the polls.  How do I know this?  It is who they are.  The media is comprised of Communists that feel that our Capitalist system is unfair to working people. Every decision they make is based on this way of thinking.

I will not disagree with the idea that a liberal Republican will cause “slightly” less damage than a Communist, but I have discovered over time what we are doing when we take this philosophy.  Each election, the Republican knows he or she has the votes of anyone that is not a Democrat simply because he or she is not a Democrat.  He or she feels no obligation to be faithful to the conservatives that got them there.  The liberal Republican feels empowered to buy votes with government hand outs that are spending this country into unprecedented debt just like the Democrats.  With each successive election the Republican becomes more liberal than the last.  They refuse to stand on principal because they want to be a friend of the media.  The media is full of Communists so they will never say anything nice about a Republican so there is no point in even trying.  The media will call them right wing extremists, racists, religious zealots no matter what they do.  The way I see it, if you are going to be called these things anyway, you might as well just implement some conservative policies.  I am not just speaking of fiscal conservatism, I am talking about social conservatism.

Jesus said that in John 15:20…

Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.

The last election I held my nose and voted for John McCain despite every bone in my body cringing at the idea.  I did it again and again and again.  Mitt Romney will lose to Obama and I have zero doubt about that.  It will happen just like it did with John McCain.  This time it will not have my finger prints on it.  To this day I feel I have to explain myself as to how I could bring myself to vote for John McCain.  I understand this may and in fact will give Obama a second term regardless of my choice in this election assuming Mitt Romney gets the nomination.  I believe there comes a time when people have to stand on principal whatever the cost.  In this case, I will do it by either voting for another candidate or leaving that block blank.  I am not asking anyone else to do this but just explaining why I will not.  It seems the Republican party has become too concerned about the party than they are about doing what is right.  I stopped calling myself a Republican before Obama was in office and as much as I distrust Democrats, I only have a little more trust n the Republicans.

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