Very Welcome Rain

We have been below normal in our rainfall for two years but this morning we finally got a real rain storm like I remember from my childhood.  I took this photo this morning as the clouds were arriving. I was very skeptical that our rain would amount to much even though the weather people were forecasting that we would get so much that it would end the drought.  Well I was wrong and I must say that I owe Mr. Mike Morgan of KFOR a big apology for that skepticism.  I checked the rain gauge an hour ago and at that time we had received two and three quarters (2 3/4) of an inch of rain so far and the rain has been falling ever since.  I think I owe God a great big apology as well for my lack of faith that he could pull us through this drought.

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and spent extra time trying to get it perfect for the impending rain that we were waiting for.  Well today has not disappointed me at all. I am so glad that I was scheduled off work so that I could actually see the rain.  What I mean by that is for some reason, the vast majority of the times it does rain here, it does it while I am at work in a building with walls three feet thick and with no windows in it.  There are times that we have thunderstorms that I don’t even know happened until I leave for the day and see puddles around the parking lot.  I am hopeful that this rain is just a sign of things to come where we have a wet summer and it rains a lot like it did in 2007.  It would be nice to not be so hot and dry with fires going on all the time.  It seems like for the last two years the weather is always telling us about a red flag fire alert.  For now, I will enjoy the rain and be thankful for it.

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