Republicans Are Just As Bad as Democrats

Over the years I have supported the Republicans because they were not Democrats and seemed to be the conservative party.  Over time either the party has changed or I have changed.  The Republicans have morphed into a party that is becoming just as liberal as the Democrats and have come to expect our votes based on nothing other than not being Democrat.  That does not work with me and it is not working with a lot of others these days.  If it means that left wingers have to win to teach them a lesson then so be it.  The Republicans seem to get more and more liberal as time goes on.  The people voting for them also keep voting for the more liberal candidate each time and I cannot be a part of it.  I understand the liberals are hoping more people think like me but that is okay.

I have reached the point where I have to make a stand on what is right regardless of the cost.  I am tired of the so called moderates being elected by the Republicans and then having them portrayed as right wing extremists.  We have not had a true conservative in either party for years. If you think I am just making this up then you need to look at who keeps winning the Republican primaries  Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, and now Romney?  I am sorry but I will not vote for Romney just because he is not a Democrat.  I have listened to people tell me for years.  Heck, I told other people they MUST vote for the Republican just to prevent the Democrat from winning.  I have noticed that strategy never works.  You still get a liberal in office whether it is Republican or Democrat.  When Romney wins this year, I will not be voting for President.  It is a principal with me because I am tired of picking the lesser of the two evils.

Just as my old timer friends and family have always seen the Democrats as the party looking out for the little guy just to have them turn into outright Communists, the Republicans have gone from being conservative to becoming Democrats.  It is only a matter of time before Democrats will take away all of our freedoms in the name of looking out for our own good while Republicans will be rounding up the violators of this new martial law.  I cannot in good conscience vote for either party just to pick the lesser of the two evils.  It is time for the people to stand up and hold their leaders accountable.  If they do not represent their constituents, they cannot expect our votes.  We have been played for years with this two party system.  The two parties are equivalent to the WWE wrestling.  They have some guy standing in front of the cameral shouting a scripted angry tirade against the other guy hoping you will tune in to watch the fight.  Little do the fans know that both wrestlers are in cahoots with each other playing this game to get people to watch.

Both parties are doing that to the people.  They are both looking at gaining power by fabricating a scenario where the other side is going to take away freedoms, hand outs, etc. in a game to scare you into voting for them. The end result is that both parties have zero interest in actually fixing any of the fabricated problems they use to get you to vote for them.  This game plays out every four years.  It does not matter which candidate you vote for, you are going to get a liberal that is migrating his way toward Communism.  They think they know what is better for you. They both ultimately believe that government knows what you need more than you know.  They neglect to mention that government has failed to pass a single budget in almost three years.  If they cannot even pass a budget then how can they be a better steward of our lives? They can’t. They can only take away more freedoms and spend your money irresponsible with the help of a willing media.  The media have become active participants in this game of revolution where our government and economic system are actively being undermined.

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