More Islamic Double Standards

This is just more confirmation of what we already know.  Islam is not a religion of peace and they are already in control of our own government.  If you don’t think there is a spiritual war going on, just watch the news. There are stories after stories of Islamic terrorists blowing things up all over the place and yet the media will portray them as victims.  They are the perpetrators of the violence, not the victims.  Political correctness in America has gotten completely out of control.  People are so concerned about hurting the feelings of terrorists that they give them a pass.  Find an Islamic country that became that we through OTHER means than a violent overthrow.

When you add to that fact that our own country has reached a point where morality is a joke, then what else can we expect?  Our country wants to keep the government separate from religion except when it comes to Islam.  Most people disagree with that view but they sit quietly while Islam bullies its way into one country after another. Just as the media and liberals belittle those that would claim Communism by labeling you as spreading McCarthyism, they belittle anyone that points out this double standard by claiming Islamophobia. Yes, that is not a mis print.  I have seen this on many news broadcasts and without fail, it is a liberal/Socialist/Communist/Progressive that is claiming we have Islamophobia in our country while giving them a pass.  It is outrageous!

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