No Heat

I've become an Islamic Woman

Of all times for our heater to go out.  My thermostat show the outside temperature at 20 degrees and the inside temperature at 59.  I am so thankful that our house is well insulated.  I noticed yesterday that in addition to smelling a fuel burning smell, the house was not staying warm.  After some investigating, I found that the blower is not working, or is working intermittently.  It comes on for about a minute and then goes back off.   Then it stays off for about 30 minutes.  We have an appliance home protection insurance that we purchased when we moved into the house so the repair should not be more than $60.00.  It really takes away from the enjoyment of taking the day off when I am walking around the house with a blanket.  I have no idea when the repairman (woman) will show up. Notice my attempt at political correctness with my last sentence even though I hate the term?  You should be proud of me.  I was watching the Washington Redskins playing the Seattle Seahawks last night when I noticed that something was wrong with the heater. Not only was I surprised at the outcome of the game, I was disturbed about going to bed with the heater malfunctioning so we turned it off for the night. When I woke up this morning, it was 59 degrees in the house.  That is not too bad when the outside temp is 20.  As far as the game, I have to admit that Seattle has really gained my respect. They are the real thing and should not be discounted as a real team.

I am hopeful that the heating people show up early so that we can get the house back to a comfortable level again.  I am hearing that next week could be the coldest temps in decades for Oklahoma City.  If this pans out then I definitely need the heater fixed before then.  This weekend I installed the coax for my two meter beam along with the antenna rotor cable and found that the antenna will not turn either. I guess when it warms up I’ll have to do some investigating on whether the wire is pinched, shorted, open, or the rotor itself is not working.  That is a disappointment for sure. I have really been looking forward to being able to talk on the ham radio with the beam.  Oh well, life will go on and I’ll get by.  I better find that blanket, stay warm and get this posted.

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