Google+ Wandering in the Desert

What happened to the vanity URL implementation that was announced nine months ago? What happened to the merging of the messengers? As each day goes by, I am seriously thinking that Google is lost.  There are certain updates that are universally requested and I hear crickets coming from Google.  They are being smoked by Facebook and even Twitter.  For nearly two years I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Google+ to add basic functions and they are sitting on their hands.  I really want them to succeed but what I am seeing is another Google Wave failure.

You remember how Google Wave happened?  There was all this hype for invites. We waited anxiously for an invite.  Weeks became months.  Once we finally got an invite, they stopped us from inviting others.  Something happened.  We sat around with this cool toy that had no one on here that we knew and was not allowed to send invites. The incredibly slow opening cause all the hype to turn into a “what the hell” attitude that once it was opened up, no one wanted to try it.  Fast forward to Google+ and we are now seeing updates coming at a snails pace.  When they do come out, they are irrelevant updates that are not even interesting.

I know I sound like a kid ranting but seriously, it is true.  How long does it take to open up vanity URL’s? Really!?  This is a basic function that should have been available on the first day.  How long is it going to take Google+ to wake up and realize that people want the messenger on the desktop?  This is common sense stuff.  One of Facebook’s most popular features is the Instant messenger because it can be used on the desktop AND mobile.  Google Talk is great but you cannot use it on the iPhone at all.  Sure you can download third party apps but every single one of them shut down on you after a specified time.

I keep reading these ridiculous stories about how their “long term plan” is genius. What?  That is what a person says when they have no answer.  When a person says “Quality over quantity” they usually are just making an excuse for their slow action.  In the beginning I really thought that they were just trying to perfect updates, now I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Google is lost and has no idea how to do these things.

I really want Google+ to be better than Facebook but let’s be honest, they are not even close. Not even in the same league.  I hear people on Google+ talk about how Facebook users are so immature and act like children but I really believe that is an attempt to belittle a system that is so far superior that it is not even close. If you can’t tear down the system, go after the users.  I’ll go on checking the page from time to time with low expectations but unless they start updating some things fast, it may be too late. You can read all these stories about the rapid growth all you want but the reality is that the enthusiasm is in a free fall.  This is coming from someone that really really wants Google+ to overtake Facebook.  I honestly cannot see it happening if Facebook stopped growing today.  The lackluster sense of urgency to compete just isn’t there.  I see Google+ turning into the next AOL or Myspace very soon if they don’t start taking this seriously.

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