I Don't Believe In New Year's Resolutions But…

I have never understood the logic in New Year’s resolutions because I’ve always thought that if you had the will power to do something,  you could do it anytime.  Nevertheless, I sort of have one, not for the sake of a resolution but rather because of shock and fear.  Some of you may know that since I left the Air Force in 1999 I have put on a lot of weight.  So much so that I stopped looking at the scale because it was too psychologically painful for me to bear :).  Well, for the heck of it and for no apparent reason I stepped on the scale on New Year’s Day, not for the sake of resolution but just out of curiosity.  No, I am not going to tell you what it said other than “OUCH!”.  Well, if I was an emotional person, I would have shed a few tears :).  That moment I decided that it is time to get off my but and lose this weight and get back in shape.  The last few years, I have just been losing steam anytime I do anything physical and all I ever feel like doing is sitting down.

My wife stood on the scale after I my shock was taken care of and she too was disappointed in her weight gain.  No, her weight gain was not as bad as mine but I have to say that had the same concerns as me.  We talked about it and came to the conclusion that you never see runners that are over weight.  We came up with this big idea of running and so we downloaded this app to both of our phones called Couch to 5K.  That first day of week one was the most miserable experience that I’ve ever gone through.  It was depressing that I could not even do the day one of week one without just feeling like I needed oxygen.  There was a day that I use to lift weights religiously and run just for entertainment.  At nearly 47 years old and sitting in front of a computer for nearly 10 years, it was a wake up call just how out of shape I was in.  Actually I am in very good shape…In fact I am in a symmetrically round shape that frightens young children.  We decided that we needed to lose some weight in a big way, very fast so I can continue this running that we so desire to do.

My wife introduced me to this 17 day Diet that she read about and I must say that it has been pretty good so far.  I’ve lost 18 pounds in the last month.  I realize this is small in comparison to the mid size car weight that I have gained over the last ten years but I am not only committed but driven. Ordinarily I would never tell anyone that I was trying to lose weight because of the natural fear that I may fail and will suffer the embarrassment but in this case, I am telling it openly as an accountability tool to myself.  If I tell you then I have to succeed.  Sort of the same way that kept me in the basic training. 🙂  The thought of having to go home and face my family and friends was enough to make me succeed.

Just for the curiosity I tried on some shirts that I have not been able to wear in several years and believe it or not, they fit.  Even some jeans that were a size smaller are fitting in just one month.  Another six hundred pounds and I will not have to go through weigh stations on the freeway. 🙂 Again, this has nothing to do with resolutions but doing what must be done.  The older I get, the harder it will be and the more risky it becomes for heart disease, etc.  I lost my mom in 2005 to a heart attack and I really miss her.  This is something that I have to do.

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