Still Waiting

This snow storm that has been forecasted for the last week is still parked on the West side of the city.  We’ve been waiting all day for the rain to switch over to snow. First it was supposed to happen around sunrise, then it was supposed to happen around noon and then it was supposed to happen around 3:00.  Here we are at 3:30 and it still has not arrived. I just heard someone on TV report on the West side of the city that they saw some flakes and the weather guy says “right on schedule… The transition happened at 2:30 and I forecasted 3:00”.  Not here.  I just hope it gets here before it runs out of steam.  It is starting to look like the killer storm we had on March 28, 2009 where we got a ton of snow, 2 milimeters.  After the storm was over, I reported on the aftermath here.  I hope this does not become another one of those type of storms.  We’ve had plenty of rain today and I am very thankful to see that.  If we don’t receive a single flake of snow, I will be happy to see some relief from the drought. So far it looks like a big rain and nothing else. I sure hope that I am wrong and that we get a lot of snow once it arrives…if it arrives :).  I will post pictures if it gets here during daylight hours.

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