What a Change

Just a few days ago it was 82 degrees and I was lamenting the idea that I was going to have to mow the lawn.  This morning I woke up to 28 degrees with a 35 MPH North wind.  It did manage to warm up a bit making it up to the current temperature of 43 if you want to call that warm.  I for one am glad to see the cold weather hold on as long as it can. After the last two summers being so hot and dry, I’ll take as much cold air as we can get. I do wish we could get more rain though.  We sprayed our lawn last week and hoped that we would get some rain over the weekend to wash the fertilizer/week killer into the ground without having to water the lawn.  This storm system was as dry as they come and we didn’t get a drop of rain. Well hopefully the next one will have more rain.

I installed the new Twitter activity badge on the right side of the page so that my tweets will be easier to follow.  Sometimes when there are not enough hours in the day to be able to post on this blog, I can post simple, quick tweets from my phone so that it will at least show some activity on here.  I promise that I will post more often.  Despite my slow posts in recent days, I am less than 50 posts away from 1,000.  My Twitter is approaching 29,000.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a big day for us when my son and daughter in-law become parents for the first time and I become a grandpa.  I’ll post more details and photos after the baby is born tomorrow.  How do I know it is going to be tomorrow?  Because the doctor said if the baby is not born by tomorrow, they were going to induce labor.  I guess it is feasible to think the baby will be born today but I am doubtful.  I will keep you up to date as we get more information.  Thanks for stopping by.

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