What a Great Year 2016 Was

I like to think of 2016 as a year of new beginnings. We accomplished a lot of things in this year that a couple years ago would have seemed impossible. Chief among them is reaching a point where we do not owe on any loans except for the house and that will be gone soon.  You can’t put a price on the value of the freedom that comes with being debt free.  Last year in our attempt to become debt free, we downsized back into the city and we’ve not regretted it for a moment.  While I loved the large house and large property, the stress that comes with the debt and maintenance of such a place took away any joy that I may have had.  We’re getting to a point in our lives where being happy is more important than status.  I can’t stress that point enough.  Even at work, I genuinely enjoy my job and have no desire to climb the ladder anymore.  Some people think I am crazy to have gone to college and not desire to go as high as I can. While I can understand that, people need to understand that I have reached a level that makes me and my family happy and it pays good.

It is a good feeling knowing that I have a great job, a rapidly decreasing debt and the time to spend with the family that I love so much.  At some point, I was working toward my future career goals and discovered that life was passing me by while my family was growing up and passing me by.  To say that we’ve been blessed is hardly clear enough to say how good we have it.  I truly believe in God and his blessing through grace. When I say grace, I mean it in the true sense of the word, “undeserving favor”.  My family is truly happy, healthy and love each other. While my dad did have a heart attack in July, it was discovered that he had blockages and were fixed with a couple of stints.  He is as healthy as can be and since those were dealt with, things are great.  He is doing so well that you wouldn’t know about his hospital stay in July.  God is good!

As you can tell, this blog is about 1,200 posts smaller.  This year I decided that it was not worth keeping thousands of old posts. While it did tell an interesting history lesson over the happenings our our family, it was the past.  I decided that it was time to start over fresh and not dwell on the past.  For that reason, this is the first post of the restart.  Tonight is the end of 2016 and the start of 2017.  Yes, I pronounce them twenty seventeen, not two thousand seventeen.  It is a personal preference since I was born in the nineteen hundreds. I didn’t say I was born in the one thousand, nine hundreds :).  Anyway, Happy New Year and I hope you the happiness that my family enjoys in JESUS’ name!