Ice storm warning

The local media is all wound up about freezing rain today resulting in an ice storm. At the moment the temperature is 33 in the morning and no rain. While there may be some coming and the temps may drop, right now things are clear. I would not be upset if we do get rain, ice or snow. I would be plenty happy if we just got rain. Our work has already made the decision to close today but since we were already scheduled to be off today, it doesn’t really make any difference. My wife and I are enjoying the day off today. Forgive the poor quality of this post. It was posted via my phone so it is tough to type on the small screen. It has been nice having a few days off for Christmas and New year holiday. I guess Monday we’ll be back to work.

Happy New Year 2015

First photo of 2015 taken at 12:02 AM.


I took this picture of my wife and I about 12:02 AM.  The past year was a good one overall. I am confident that God has an even better year for us in 2015.  This morning, I have been seeing reports of ice on the roads in Oklahoma City. We live on the far East side of OKC and have no ice so I am guessing that it is either coming this way or very small in coverage or both.  I hope those that have ice will be safe and start off the new year on a good note.

First post of 2015

Well it was tough but my wife and I managed to stay up until midnight. We have been up since 4:00 AM and now it is after midnight. The last year was a great year with the blessings of God over us. We’ve been blessed with good health and financial stability. We give God praise in Jesus’ name for the overwhelming blessings that have been poured out over my family. I am convinced the 2015 will be even better. It is a good time to be alive.

It is very late for me so it is time to get to bed. It is long over due.

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

It is always exciting when Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive because we get to see family that we don’t see very often.  While my dad is not going to be able to make it this time, we have 12 people scheduled to be here.  I will post some pictures and about the visit once everyone is gone.  I’ve just not been up to posting much lately. Since I’ve changed my policy on avoiding politics or anything controversial on here, there just isn’t much to talk about.  I just don’t want to only post on here when I am upset about something giving the impression that I’m even more of a lunatic than I actually am :).

This should be fun to get to see family because ours is one that likes to have a  lot of humor.  We laugh so hard that our sides hurt and that is just the way our family meetings are.  We use to meet at my grandparent’s house in Wynnewood, OK but since they’ve both past, it is usually my house where we all meet, mainly because we have some room.  Soon my sister will have plenty of room and maybe we can get together over there as well.  I am getting dangerously close to another high weight threshold so I have to be careful this weekend. I do not want to cross that 1,600 pound threshold no matter what happens.  It looks like it is going to be a nice weekend in the 60’s and 70’s so it is perfect for Thanksgiving. It is cool but not too cold.  I hope and wish the rest of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Take advantage of the opportunity to spend time with your family. You don’t have them forever so enjoy the time together.

Happy Veterans Day

Good morning and Happy Veterans Day to all American veterans.  While I am not one of those that spends hours on end posting military this and military that on social networks, I do think it is good from time to time to recognize the military and those that were or are in the military.  It is easy to sit back and be political, demanding action from our leaders but to recognize that when we make these demands, it is the military that are used to enforce these requests.

Sometimes we have leaders that have good intentions with good intent and sometimes we don’t but the military complies with the orders given them regardless of the leader.  The military is expected to drop whatever they are doing at any moment and leave their family to go to a foreign land and fight.  That is just the nature of the job.  We often forget what is expected of them and this is the day that is set aside to recognize those that voluntarily go and fight for us.  For that, I say thank you.

Home Projects

Living Room Door being prepped.

Not only was it Easter today where we got to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, we also did a few projects around the house.  In this picture you can see where we took the front door off, sanded and refinished it.  It was looking a bit rough with the hot sun shining on it and the weather.  We also did some repairs on some walls and ceiling that we’ve been putting off.  It was a very productive day.  My wife managed to get the front flower garden almost complete as well.

We had a short visit with some family today as well.  Easter is without a doubt the most important holiday of the year.  Without Jesus’ resurrection, the entire gospel loses its meaning.  Jesus sacrificed for us and I am very grateful.  I’ve always loved this day and since it was nice weather, it was very nice as well.  Now it is time to wind down and get ready to go back to work.  We are really blessed and give God the glory.

What A Year

It has been a long time that I’ve been able to end the year and say it has been a great year.  I must say that 2013 has been a good year all around.  We seem to be ending the year off with a family that knows God and has good health.  I lost a significant amount of weight in 2013 and though I gained some of it back, this year I plan to lose the rest, putting my weight to normal.  I hope for 2014 to be even better.  Some financial breakthroughs should be the norm in 2014.

The drought of the last two years ended this year with the rain fall increasing to above normal.  The extraordinarily hot summers gave way to a cooler than normal year this year.  Signs are showing that the cooler that normal and wetter than normal times are going to continue.  As I go to work this final day of the year, I expect good things for the future.  Tonight I am going to see some relatives that I have not seen in many years. I have high hopes for a great future with God in control.

Congratulations Marian and Mark


Today was a big day for my sister and new brother in-law.  They got married at 4:00 PM in Lawton, Oklahoma in front of most of the family and many friends.  It would have been better if Marian’s sons and daughter would have been able to come.  I can honestly say that it is great to see her happy again.  She has been through a rough time for the last couple of years and now she is finally happy.  Mark is a good person and we are proud to have him in our family.  He was an inspiration to one of our relatives in their finding Jesus in their life.  It was a great time seeing a lot of the family together again.  They already had a professional photographer so I only took 13 pictures. They were not the best pictures because there were so many people taking pictures that I was having to compete for a spot.


Here is another photo that I took but the lighting is not that great because I was taking it behind about four people from quite a distance.  This photo is shows the happiness they have between them.

There was a special bonus when we had a thunderstorm arrive during the reception with lots of lightning and wind.  We didn’t get back home until nearly 10:00 PM as another line of thunderstorms were moving in.  Over all, it was a great day where everyone was in a good mood.  I am so happy for them and wish them the best of happiness for many many years.

Today is my sister's Wedding

My sister is getting married today and the family is getting together to see it happen.  I am so happy for my sister because she deserves to be happy.  She has been through some rough times and so it is a good feeling to see her happy for once.  She is marrying a great guy that really treats her right.  He is someone we really appreciate in our family.  She already has someone taking pictures for her but I may sneak a few here and there so that I have something to post online.  I will be doing the video for them.  Today looks to be a great day and also an opportunity for the family to be together.

We love you Marian and Mark!

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad's 75th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my dad’s 75th Birthday in Del City.  He is doing well and healthy as can be.  My dad has always kept active and does not like to lay around.  I can remember when I was young and still in school, he would not put up with sleeping in all day.  I have learned this lesson from him myself.  We had a great visit yesterday and hope to have many many more.  We usually have a big party for him but this year we didn’t because my sister is getting married tomorrow so we’ll all be there together to see her marriage.  Many people could not afford to meet together that close together.  Not everyone has the money to travel that far just two days apart.  My dad is a good sport and understands.

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