I Am a Bad Person :)

Wow!  I just witnessed my beloved neighbors screaming obscenities at each other so loud that I could hear it over my television.  I am a bad person because I enjoyed every minute of it.  A while back my neighbor and I got into a shouting match over his spilling oil into the street in front of my house.  I was blocked into my drive way where if I backed out, I would drive right through it.  Then I went out to take some pictures of it and he started shouting obscenities at me for taking pictures.

Oil March 1, 2008

He eventually got the water hose and sprayed it out of my drive way into the lady next door’s drive way.  This guy plays the stereo every night and day where I can hear it inside my own house.

I have never called the police on him but it really gets on my nerves.  This oil incident happened over a year ago.  We have not spoken since that day until last week.  I was taking the basket ball goal out of the yard that had so much concrete on it that my whole family could not move it without breaking it up with a sledge hammer.  The same neighbor pulled up and helped me get it into the truck.  I am certainly torn because I was very grateful for his helping me yet he continues to blast the stereo very loudly.  The funny thing about it is that I can hear praise music so loud inside my house.  He also has several Rottweiler’s that use to always get out and terrorize the neighborhood.

As recently as this morning I heard the praise music blasting from his house.  About 15 minutes ago I was hearing f*** this and f*** that.  This same guy was screaming at his neighbor on the other side of him.  The victim this time is the same neighbor that always defends this guy.  They have always been close neighbors.  The neighbor would always defend him when the other guy’s dog would get out.  Now they are screaming at each other because the friend next door pulled his truck between the houses and caused ruts in the guy with the dog’s yard.  They were screaming so loud that many other neighbors were peeking outside to see what was going on.  For some reason I find pleasure in seeing this happen and I know it is not right.  I could barely contain myself from giggling while peeking through the window blinds like a coward.  I know that is not a nice thing to do but for some reason I feel vindicated despite his helping me load the pole with concrete in the truck.  Maybe I have lived in a neighborhood where criminal activity has become so common place that it does not even phase me anymore.

The sad thing about all this is that not only do I know it is wrong for me to have pleasure in their fight, but this is the neighborhood that I grew up in.  It really does bother me that our neighborhood has come to this.  You may remember just last week some 17 year old was shot and killed just three streets over from me in this very residential neighborhood.  I thought that the cops would show up for sure tonight but they never did.  They were shouting so loud that I could understand what they were saying inside my house with the door shut.  I hate to see my childhood neighborhood become so bad that people are not even phased by it.

Fed Up With my Neighbor

Over the last month, I have been dealing with a neighbor that likes to pollute the area with motor oil draining from his large truck.  On February 9, 2008 I was cleaning up the front yard trying to get the few remaining twigs that were left in the front yard from the recent ice storm.  The neighbor across the street was spraying his driveway with a water hose and I was not really paying that much attention.  I just thought he was cleaning up his lawn just as I was doing.  About an hour went by and I went out to the street to see if my wife was coming home and by then, the water in the street had dried up.  That is when I noticed a white substance in the street in front of my driveway.  I was a little irritated by its presence but I thought that what ever it was, would dry up in a couple of hours and it would not be a problem.  After a couple of days had passed, I noticed that it was still there and all over the tires of my car.  Over a few more days enough cars had driven through it to spread it down the street to a point that it was pretty much dried up.  I kept my peace and did not say anything to my neighbor, not that I could since he is gone most of the time when I am home.

On February 18, 2008 I went out again and found the street was wet again so I walked out to the street and there it was again.  He and a friend were standing in front of his truck and I told him that what ever that was that he was spraying in the street was settling in front of my driveway.  Without even peeking around his truck to see who I was, he said “I will clean it up”.  I said “Okay thanks”, and then went back to my house.  A couple of hours had past and I went outside to investigate since I had noticed that he was gone.  He did not clean it up and just left it in the street.

Oil February 18, 2008

After noticing the mess was still out there and but thankfully not as bad as the first time, I took these pictures.  The above is looking into my driveway.  The one below is looking into his driveway.  In this photo you can see his driveway two hours after I had spoken to him about the mess.  Since he lives in this run down rent house and his only means of transportation is this large yellow truck, his dual rear wheels extend beyond the driveway.  These large grooves are a result of the large dual wheels.  You can see the pool of oil in the groove as well as up at the front of the driveway.  Not only is it unattractive but it is polluting our city on a grand scale.  I took these pictures and emailed them to the web site and have not heard anything yet.

Oil February 18, 2008

The below picture is also in front of my driveway.

Oil March 1, 2008


Today March 1, 2008 went outside again and found the street wet again so I went to look and found the oil in the street again.  I took some more pictures trying to be as visible as possible so he would see me taking the pictures.

Oil March 1, 2008

In this picture taken this morning, you can see the front of my driveway.  In the photo below you can see the front of his house with the white streaks flowing across the road toward me.  In the photo below you can see from four houses down the polluted water running down the street to where it even passes behind me.

Oil March 1, 2008


He comes out of the house in a very aggressive manner yelling at me saying that it is just water.  I told him it is oil and it is settling right in front of my driveway and I cannot avoid driving through it.  He very grudgingly, and in a hostile tone agreed to clean it up while my wife and I watched.  His clean up consisted of spraying it down the street with the water hose so my other neighbors have to deal with it. You can see his house on the right with the yellow truck in the driveway.  You add all this up and couple it with his three large Rottweiler dogs that continue to get loose and roam the neighborhood and you have a bad neighbor.  To add to the mess, he waits until I am trying to wind down for bed each night and plays his stereo so loud I can hear it in the back of my house.  I have held my peace to avoid World War III but if he does it again, I will call the police.  Most people would have called the police already.

I cannot imagine how difficult it is to purchase an oil pan at a local auto parts store.  I make every effort to get along with my neighbors.  I think that you have to live with them so it is important work at it but this guy is trying my patience.

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