Climate Gate

I am sure that by now you have heard about the fraud that is global warming being exposed last week.  Apparently someone has reportedly hacked into the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia in England. The CRU is the central focal point that is quoted from those advocating the theory of global warming.  This alleged computer hack resulted in the release of thousands of private emails between scientists out to the public.  Among these emails were the admission that the earth’s temperature is not climbing and “this is a travesty”.  They also admit doing a trick to add the “actual” temperatures to show a rise in temperatures when there really is not.  Also they discuss suppressing those scientists of opposing views from the peer review process.  In other words, the so called “consensus” of global warming is not a consensus at all.  The truth is that any scientist that disagrees with the global warming theory is not only ignored but denied publication in peer reviewed journals.

Of course the CRU is denying these reports though they admit the hacked emails are legitimate.  They portray this whole thing as a misunderstanding and that the opposition is selectively posting emails out of context to deny global warming.  They will not admit what others can see clearly and no one really expects them to because those with their eyes open know that global warming is really a political tool rather than actual science.  It is easy to see a trend among those that preach the global warming scare and that is that most of them are anti-capitalism. The alternative to capitalism is socialism.  Those that are advocates of the global warming theory are usually quick to point out that it is the industrialized nations, particularly the United States that are responsible for this fabricated crisis.

It is not very popular to claim socialism as a preferred political system in the open so they are using environmentalism to get the same results.  If the Socialists cannot get people to simply turn over their rights, money and power over to the government, they will create a crisis to scare the public. This created crisis is “man-made global warming”.  If they can get politicians to buy into this fraud then we will see more restrictive legislation coming from Washington all in the name of saving the environment.  The context of this legislation taking your rights away will be to save you from yourself.   This socialist way of doing things is very popular among the American Democrats in Washington.  When I speak of socialism, I define it by meaning the government owns the money, infrastructure, and the financial systems rather than the private sector.  The Democrats have invested a lot of energy painting the private sector as being greedy and unfair to the poor.

The Democrats have done a very good job of portraying private business owners as dishonest, cheating tax evaders.   The agenda in all of this is to place themselves as saviors and come to the rescue of this perceived enemy called capitalism.  Their solution to the problems is to take away the freedoms of the capitalists and turn it over to the government in an attempt to “over-see” in a regulatory way.  They intend on making the government the steward over all of the financial and environmental resources.  Unfortunately they forget that the same dishonesty that created problems in the private sector also occupy the halls in Washington.  The only difference is that in the government there is no accountability.

I know what many are saying with this statement.  Many are saying that our three branches of government are the best source of checks and balances available.  That is not always the case anymore with the hostile political climate where the two parties are always at each other’s throats trying to bring the other side down.  They appoint activist judges sympathetic to their points of view.  The three branches of government often become accomplices of each other’s indiscretions.  The problem with this is that once the government takes a freedom, it is lost forever.  Once the government takes money, it is lost forever.  For all the arguments that can be made against capitalism, there are no other examples of long term successes that any other type of government has had that have resulted in the overall affluence that capitalism has.

These people believe deep down that government has the responsibility to help the people despite the fact that the only way the government can help is to take away from someone else.  They believe that government can and must be the steward of the resources in the country.  By creating this theory of global warming they can scare enough people to buy into it and willingly give up freedoms all in the name of security.  Unfortunately  they do not see how human nature seeks power and greed and once given this power, they never give it back.  There is no empire that has lasted forever and ours will not either.  By strengthening the government and weakening its citizens, the country that we love so much is inevitable to fail.  The one thing that has kept this nation strong is the freedoms and ability of its citizens to succeed on their own works.  Once the government takes that away, there is no incentive for creativity.

Again, the purpose of the global warming scare is to convince more people and legislators to enact laws that will give the government more power and control in the name of environmentalism.  It is a tool that is used to convert a capitalist nation into a socialist one.  As you may remember, on October 12th, 2009 I posted a story about how in the 1970’s and 1980’s the same people were preaching about a coming ice age and how our very existence depended upon immediate action to turn around “man-made global cooling”.

With the release of this information from the CRU, you would think the media and the government would be all over this story to expose how the nations of the world have been victims of a hoax.  This hoax has resulted in legislative decisions that have cost the world billions of dollars.  They have been teaching our young children this lie for years.  It is no surprise that our beloved media and government keeps their head in the sand and does their best to play it down.  Those that have taken notice at all have taken the point of view that the hacker is the one that needs to be punished.  There is still no public evidence that it was a hacker at all.  For all we know, it was an insider that saw the fraud that was going on and publicized it as a “whistle blower”.   For all we know, this inside job was falsely reported as a hacker because they did not want to lose their job as a whistle blower.

Usually the media promotes whistle blowers and advocates their protection to prevent corruption in companies.  Unfortunately this time the media is advocating punishing the whistle blower and we are left to ask why.  The only reasonable conclusion that I can come up with is that the media agrees with this fraud and wants to down play it.  The American media has long been an advocate of socialism and the Democrats and this is no secret.  If this fraudulent crisis had been an opposing view of their own, they would be demanding legal action and Congressional hearings.  Instead we get a non questioned repeat of statements from the CRU and that this email scandal will not be a hindrance to global warming legislation.  The blatant bias and cover up mentality of the American media is absolutely amazing.  I have long known they have no integrity and expected this type of beh
avior.  Now the media has become so biased that they do not even attempt a pretense of objectivity.  Even I am amazed at how blatant they are.

Anyone that would even dare to speak a different perspective is denounced as a political tool of the Republican party.  Never in my lifetime have I seen political leaders and major media outlets target another network for speaking opposing views like they have against Fox News.  It is as though the political climate has become so hostile that we cannot even have a good natured debate on issues.  This is why I think that both major political parties should be disbanded.  The people of this nation have become so galvanized against the other side that neither can have an honest discussion.  The Supreme Court, and the scientific community are no exceptions to this hostility.

Watch the news carefully and see how despite these corrupt scientist’s own words being released how they go into cover up mode.  Watch how they ignore clear evidence because it is counter to their own agenda.  They still sound the alarm of a non existent crisis despite clear evidence to the contrary.  For the record, I have no opinion on this :).

I Am a Bad Person :)

Wow!  I just witnessed my beloved neighbors screaming obscenities at each other so loud that I could hear it over my television.  I am a bad person because I enjoyed every minute of it.  A while back my neighbor and I got into a shouting match over his spilling oil into the street in front of my house.  I was blocked into my drive way where if I backed out, I would drive right through it.  Then I went out to take some pictures of it and he started shouting obscenities at me for taking pictures.

Oil March 1, 2008

He eventually got the water hose and sprayed it out of my drive way into the lady next door’s drive way.  This guy plays the stereo every night and day where I can hear it inside my own house.

I have never called the police on him but it really gets on my nerves.  This oil incident happened over a year ago.  We have not spoken since that day until last week.  I was taking the basket ball goal out of the yard that had so much concrete on it that my whole family could not move it without breaking it up with a sledge hammer.  The same neighbor pulled up and helped me get it into the truck.  I am certainly torn because I was very grateful for his helping me yet he continues to blast the stereo very loudly.  The funny thing about it is that I can hear praise music so loud inside my house.  He also has several Rottweiler’s that use to always get out and terrorize the neighborhood.

As recently as this morning I heard the praise music blasting from his house.  About 15 minutes ago I was hearing f*** this and f*** that.  This same guy was screaming at his neighbor on the other side of him.  The victim this time is the same neighbor that always defends this guy.  They have always been close neighbors.  The neighbor would always defend him when the other guy’s dog would get out.  Now they are screaming at each other because the friend next door pulled his truck between the houses and caused ruts in the guy with the dog’s yard.  They were screaming so loud that many other neighbors were peeking outside to see what was going on.  For some reason I find pleasure in seeing this happen and I know it is not right.  I could barely contain myself from giggling while peeking through the window blinds like a coward.  I know that is not a nice thing to do but for some reason I feel vindicated despite his helping me load the pole with concrete in the truck.  Maybe I have lived in a neighborhood where criminal activity has become so common place that it does not even phase me anymore.

The sad thing about all this is that not only do I know it is wrong for me to have pleasure in their fight, but this is the neighborhood that I grew up in.  It really does bother me that our neighborhood has come to this.  You may remember just last week some 17 year old was shot and killed just three streets over from me in this very residential neighborhood.  I thought that the cops would show up for sure tonight but they never did.  They were shouting so loud that I could understand what they were saying inside my house with the door shut.  I hate to see my childhood neighborhood become so bad that people are not even phased by it.