We Did It


The day has arrived where I did the unthinkable.  Today my wife, son, and I bought an iPhone 4 and switched our service over to AT&T.  This was a painful decision for me and I hope it was the right one.  I have been very critical of Apple’s products over the years and yet it looks like I have gone against my own word.  Actually I have not…  My complaints about Apple products have been solely about their prices, not the quality.  I would never argue that Apple makes poor quality products but that their products are over priced.

My opinions have not changed at all.  Overall, Apple still over charges for their products.  My last phone, the Blackberry Curve 8900 was purchased two years ago today.  You can see where I posted about it May 3, 2009 and I was very proud of it.  Unfortunately the phone had to be replaced twice and even at that, the phone was locking up with a white screen many times a day the last couple weeks.  I paid a lot of money for that phone and ended u being disappointed.  The time came where I was forced to make a decision about what phone I wanted to replace it with.  I was really leaning toward an Android powered device.  The problem is that I did not have any assurance that I would have any better service than my Blackberry.  The iPhone 4 was the same price as the Android device that I was wanting.

I made a decision to go with the iPhone because my dad still has the original and it still works.  I knew that it would force me into using iTunes but I thought it would be worth it if I could get it tow work for the length of the contract.  So far I have about 12 hours of ownership of this phone and I really do like it.  This does not surprise me because I never had a problem with their quality.  It is my opinion that if the two phones had a competitive price the iPhone or any Apple product would be a viable option.  Unfortunately this is not the case most of the time.  I would argue that my opinion has not changed about Apple.  Yes, I am happy about my phone but I still think that in most cases Apple charges too much for their product.  The reason that I get so irritated is because it seems like Apple fans tend to act as though they are part of some “cool”, “elite” group that is so much better than everyone else. I know that not all Apple fans are that way but some of them are.  With equal or competitive prices on their products, I do believe they are very good.

As you can see from the picture, I bought the new white phone although the Otter Box Defender case is black.  That case is very expensive for what you get.  Other than the price, I am very pleased with it.  I wanted the white one but I thought that if I had to go to a meeting, it may be too much of a distraction.  I felt like I had to get a thick case because this phone is just too expensive to risk dropping it on the floor.  I feel like I am holding the most delicate piece of gold and cannot risk breaking it.  The case makes the phone nearly twice as thick but it is well worth it.

Among the many free applications (apps) that I downloaded, there is one that was not free but very cool.  It is called Radarscope.  As a severe weather enthusiast, I am really impressed with the real time weather radar at more than 150 locations around the United States.  I am certain I will get my money’s worth out of this purchase.  I also installed the Ham Radio Echolink app.  This one is very cool as well.  I can’t say enough how much I like the Facebook and Twitter apps.  It really makes it easy to keep in touch with people.  I really like the Gmail sync where it synchronizes my contacts, calendar, and emails.  Again, my preliminary review of this phone is a very strong, positive one.  My wife and son have similar feelings about theirs.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I am very impressed and would recommend the iPhone 4 to others.