Cool Tornado versus Train Video

This video has been going around online for quite a while but I still like to watch it.  This train has a camera on it that is running while a tornado derails it.  It is sort of creepy and cool at the same time.  You know I have always been fascinated by severe thunderstorms and so this is more cool to me than most :). At work someone made a joke about it as an explanation for not being able to get parts for a maintenance task.  He was joking as though the parts that we have been waiting for so long are on this train. :)  I thought you would enjoy this video so I thought I would share it.

Awesome By Any Standard

This not something that I usually look for on the Internet but someone on Google+ shared this so I watched it.  Even for someone like me that is not really into this sort of thing has to give this guy some credit.  He is clearly very good  and has put many hours into learning his skill.  Make the video full screen and watch it on 1080p to get the full impact of just how good this guy is.

Accurate Portrayal of iPhone Fans

Disclaimer:  I own an iPhone 4 phone and as embarrassing as this is, I felt that I needed to disclaim this to maintain credibility.  I’ve had this iPhone since May 2011 and it has been a horrible phone because the sensor on the front does not work and so every time I make or receive a call, my face dials numbers, puts people on hold, etc.  I will certainly get an Android for my next phone.

Oh man… This Samsung commercial has iPhone fans pegged for sure.  I found this video while browsing Jonathan Pearson’s blog.  This commercial depicts Apple fans waiting in line outside of an Apple store with excitement as the next Apple iPhone is about to be released.  I have long been guilty of making fun of Apple fans because they walk around with an attitude of superiority and condescension to others.  Samsun is advertising their new phone in this commercial and they are accurately portraying most Apple users that I have run into.  With this in mind, this commercial certainly hits the nail on the head.

LY37LY Lithuania

Last night around midnight I was listening to 20 meters when I stumbled on LY37LY in Lithuania.  I was using a Kenwood TS-2000 with a GAP Titan DX antenna at 100 watts.  Just for the heck of it, I threw out my call sign knowing he would not hear me and he answered me back.  That is the first Lithuanian contact ever.  I went to bed a little excited last night after knowing this antenna was capable of reaching that far.

My New Antenna is AWESOME!

As I have posted on here before, I just installed my new GAP Titan DX antenna at our new home.  I made this video with my iPhone to show some of the signals that I was hearing.  On this video I am scrolling my Kenwood TS-2000 radio across the band on 40 meters, 75 meters and stopped on 20 meters.  When it shows 14.195 MHz you can hear Sau Paulo, Brazil, South America with a 15 over S-9 signal.  This antenna is so incredible. Yesterday I heard Japan and New Zealand on the air.  It is great being back on the HF bands.

Fun with Friday

I am sure that if you have been paying any attention at all you have heard of Rebecca Black, a 13 year old girl that sang this song on the Internet called Friday.  This song was posted on and as of the posting of this message there have been more than 59 million views.  She is getting so much attention that people are making parodies of it all over the place.  Some of them are so funny that I wanted to share them with you on here.   For any of these parodies to make any sense to you, I have to show you the original video first.  This way you will know what they are making fun of.  Although this song seems to be repeating lyrics that are poorly written, it is a catchy tune.


The next video is a Death Metal version of the same video.  It is a pretty funny video.

This is a funny one that some guy acts depressed while performing it. You have to watch this one all the way through. I dare you not to laugh when he is looking down in the sink.
This one is a joke censored version where they black out her mouth giving the appearance that she is using profanity.


This is a funny one where she is getting hit by a bus.
Here is Gaddafi giving his reviews. Just a warning… It has some inappropriate language.
And a dub step version that I am sure my son will love.

Here is a funny one from some British lady. You have to laugh at this one.


These are just a few examples of the hundreds of parodies on the Internet making fun of this song.  Before yesterday I had never heard of her or this song but I was watching TWiT and they spent over an hour going over these videos and laughing about them.  The sad, well maybe not a sad thing is that I still have this tune stuck on my mind. If you click on any one of the videos it will take you to Youtube and you can browse the hundreds of videos and have hours to laugh at.


I was just watching the Oklahoma City Thunder game and saw this commercial come on.  I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  I can just imagine setting her lawn on fire and expecting her to welcome him into her home.  I know this is not that funny but for some reason I crack up every time I see this.  AAAAAAAAMMMMYYYYY!  In real life this guy could expect a garden hoe across the forehead at the very least.  Maybe a 30’ 06 between the eyes.  Anyway, I thought I needed to share this.

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